Help me choose a car.

We’ve finally decided to take the plunge and trade in my tiny little Kia on a car for me. Not a new car, since neither of us is that big into cars, and nothing too crazy, but a good, steady, reliable car with room for my kid, another kid in the future, and room in the back for extra stuff. We’d been putting it off since we’re both a little gun-shy about spending money (we had a rough year), but after talking about it ad nauseum, we’re in good shape. We need a decent car, so we plan to make this our primary car.

So…here are the things it MUST have:

Under $15K
Four door
Large trunk (for travel and for various large items we buy, not for a ginormous stroller - I rarely use a stroller with the baby when we’re out since I prefer to wear him in a sling or front carrier)
Power doors and windows
Keyless entry (these last two are because my current car has neither, and honestly, I’m sick of it :smiley: )
Decent safety ratings
Room for two large carseats
Something where the backseat isn’t low to the ground - it’s killing my back to take my son’s infant carrier in and out of the backseat of my car because I have to lean over so far.

Right now, we’re considering a 2006 PT Cruiser, a Toyota Camry or a Honda Accord (both of those would probably be 2004 or older). I’ve heard mixed reviews on the Cruisers, and good reviews on the Camrys and Accords, but I’m worried those might be a little low for us. We’ve also thought about a Pontiac Vibe or a Toyota Matrix, but I’m worried they might be too small to last us through two children.

I’m not opposed to a small SUV, but we’d really prefer something with good gas mileage.

So…I know there are cars out there that we haven’t thought about (I’m kind of overwhelmed looking on Auto Trader). Give me some ideas!


The Aerio is a little different choice, but it meets all your criteria very well; my wife & I both own Aerios, and we’re very satisfied. 60k miles on mine, and still going strong!

I have two kids w/ carseats. The Lincoln Town Car is working out great for us. Gas mileage tends to come in around 20 MPG. Our 2003 model was only $12,000.