Help me choose a personalized license plate!

I own my own car again, and I don’t need to share it with anyone. I’ve decided I want a personalized license plate because…well, because I can. And there are few, if any, things that represent me more than being a Dodger fan.

If you wish to play along, you can go to California’s DMV site here and try various combinations to see what’s available. I’m looking for various ideas that convey my fandom to others (other Dodger fans, at the very least, and preferably, to everyone).

One person already put forth a number of ideas, and I’ll put those in spoilers below, in case you don’t want to be influenced by someone else’s thoughts. Any help you wish to offer is greatly appreciated!

Here are the ideas already submitted:[ul]
[li]DDGR LV[/li][li]DDGER LV[/li][li]DDGRS GO[/li][li]RGR DDGR[/li][li]BLUE LVR[/li][li]NL DDGERS[/li][li]MY DDGERS[/li][li]CVZ RAVN[/li][li]C RAVINE[/li][li]WIN DDGER[/li][li]WIN BLU[/li][li]WIN BLOO[/li][li]GODGRGO[/li][li]GOGO DGR[/li][li]HI DDGER[/li][li]HEY DGRS[/li][li]YAY BLU[/li][li]YAY BLUE[/li][/ul]


After looking at your ideas so far, all I can think of is DODONGO. But only if your car doesn’t smoke.

Er, the link that I should have used initially for the DMV website is this one, sorry.

The variations of “win blue” don’t do anything for me - too general. You could be a Dodger fan or a fan of various college sports programs. I like NL DDGERS best of all the spoilers. (sorry - don’t know how to hide it as you did)

Couldn’t come up with anything on my own but I will ponder it.

BLUEFTW - Blue For The Win
DGRZFTW - Dodgers For The Win
DGRZF4N - Using 4 as the A

All I got for now.

I tried FAH Q, but it’s not available.

UP YAWZ worked, though.

Not Dodger related, but definitely would come in handy for tailgaters.


Probably won’t let you have it, though.
California disallowed the guy who claimed he was President of United Kids For A United America, as I recall.

ETA: crap; beaten to the punch by the previous post.

Seemed to work on the site, though, w/ a kids star between K and G

Does it have to be Dogers related? I know you are into bowling so I looked up a couple that might work for you related to that.

1OPINCA and 3OOBOWL are both available.

Heh…you are awesome, my friend. I briefly considered a bowling-themed plate, but I think my purpose is more to have added camraderie (and a certain show of coolness) with my Dodger brethren.

And, in a well-guided effort to sink my own thread, I actually purchased TRU DDGR not long ago.

So there are only six letters on a California vanity plate? Here in Jersey we get up to seven, and we’re a whole lot smaller. (I think there are some states that let you have eight, even).

Goz[sup].[/sup] 211

Probably too many characters …

I am confused by your counting methods. We can have seven characters and a space here. And the one I chose has exactly that. :slight_smile:

A show of camraderie, asking people to steal your plates to hang in their game room, tomato, to-mah-to… :wink:

The site isn’t working for me now, but it only let me use six letters. I was trying to do “opalize”, and I could only do “opalze” or “opaliz”.

That was not quite the encouragement I was looking for! Brat. :wink: