Soliciting ideas for a vanity plate

I’m getting a new POS tomorrow, a '97 Mercury Sable station wagon, which my sister has dubbed the ‘Nerdmobile’.

I have 3 ideas for plates for it. Virginia has specialties for the NASA Langley Research Center where I work, and another for Parrotheads. Both are limited to 6 characters, a plain Virginia plate is limited to 7.

Under NASA, I’m considering:

A G33K

The Parrothead is a little more troubling, because all the obvious references to Jimmy Buffet music are taken. I did find one pick to an obscure song of his was available.

CDLZRD (Off to See The Lizard)

Any other suggestions? I want them to be funny, and inside jokes are welcome so long as I get them.

Gotta be HIOPAL.

The polls are closed.

Sorry, Bob, I cannot in good conscience support you in this one. I think vanity plates are an evil in this state, and must be completely eradicated. Nothing bothers me more than seeing a plate on a car that I have no idea what it could mean.

That said, if I had to pick, I’d vote with twickster.

I strenuously disagree with the other two votes. Please, anything but HIOPAL.

I also agree with Sean; please don’t get a vanity plate.

Hey, I like the CDLZRD one though it might not be that obvious to most folks. G33K is a bad idea only because now that I see it, I want it and if you take it, I can’t have it :wink: (I’m in Virginia also)

Love “HIOPAL” and it’d serve as a way to meet fellow Dopers IRL :slight_smile: But of course you should have listed one other possibility before that one :smiley:

I disagree with others who say vanity plates are EVIL. Just don’t do something lame-o lilke “Bob’s Car”. I mean, what else would it be, Bob’s lawnmower? “Bob” is OK if unimaginative. “Bob’s Car” says you’re unimaginitive and you’re afraid that nobody will figure it out!

Re: the Parrothead thing – How 'bout “BWAAAK” ?

Another vote for HIOPAL.


One other idea I had, sort of the ultimate inside joke, was to get a set of randomly selected letters that made no sense whatsoever, and watch people go ‘huh?’

There’s always NRDMBL to appease your sister.

1920SDR, or 20S DR?

“CDLZRD” looks like it has something to do with our current Secretary of State.

As for “BRNGPI”, I want to read the first 4 letters as “burning” not “bring”. Perhaps “BRGPIE”?

I was about to suggest “1920DR” but maybe people would think you’re an 85-year old doctor. I think I like “HIOPAL” best.

BURNDOG? It would have to be one of the plain vanilla plates so I could get 7 letters on it…

I’d avoid 1337 license plates. I saw a Mustang in the grocery store parking lot the other day with a plate that said “L33T” and had to excercise all the self-control available to me not to go over and use my key to scrawl “PWND!!11” on his hood.

NASA plates and get the title that all of us covet; SDSAB.

I’d be tempted to get a parrot plate with ARRRRR or R MATEY or AVAST just because I could. I know, it’s not a pirate plate, but still.

For a NASA plate, how about T MINUS?

RKTSCI (rocket scientist)
UNMNND (unmanned, if you’re into one of those projects)
SLDRLZ (slide rules!)
BOOSTR (booster rockets)
LOXROX (liquid oxygen rocks)
LIFSPT (life support systems)
MRZRVR (Mars Rover)
SKYWKR (sorry, couldn’t resist!)
Jimmy Buffet:
MRGTVL (Margaritaville)
KEY WR (Key West-er)
SCHMLZ (schmalz… just kidding!)
MUZAK (still kidding!)
LAME O :smiley:


Anything but HIOPAL.

Personally though, I don’t like vanity plates. Best I’ve ever heard of was WANKER (no offence to the OP)

This is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

Why the hate for personalized tags? I think they’re cool, when I notice them. Plus, I just ordered new ones on Monday. :smiley:

Sorry, everything I tried for the Parrothead tags was already taken (I tried for my favorite Buffet song, with combos like FINSLR, FINS2L, FNS2LR, etc.), and I was only able to think of “2INFNT” for the NASA plates … but if you’re not a Toy Story fan, it’s stupid (heck, maybe it’s stupid even if you are a Toy Story fan :D). It’s available, though! :wink:

I’m another Virginian, and am about to ditch my current personalized tags for new ones: something I like about the new ones is that unless you “get” the reference, you won’t even know that they’re personalized tags. :slight_smile:

You too? Where?

I don’t usually care for personalized plates and thought I would never get one, but they are so bloody cheap I am tempted to go for:


No one but a doper would get it.