Help me choose a tropical fish tank

Hi, fish folk! I’ve tried posting this on a couple of tropical fish forums but not no response, so thought I’d try here.

I’m shopping for a new tank around the 125-135L (33-36Gal) range. At my LFS today one of the crew suggested I take a look at the newAqua One Aquavis 130 which appeals to me on an aesthetic level, but I’m concerned it might not be best for the fish.

Basically it seems to beAqua One’s response to the Fluval Edge but bigger, with a closed over top with an opening in it for cleaning, filter etc. The opening was fairly large, pretty much the entire size of the black cover on the top, although that’s clearly at most just over half the top surface.

I’m planning on having the tank fairly heavily planted and running small groups of cardinal tetras, corys, dwarf gouramis and perhaps some rams (all yet to be confirmed). Ruled out a betta already as I don’t want to risk it drowning without full access to the surface.

Will the design of this tank mean they won’t get sufficient oxygen or will the planting
compensate for this?

My alternatives were the Fluval Accent (don’t like the internal filter, and have heard there are issues with this), the Aqua One Evo 70 (only one with a canister filter) or the Juwel Rio 125 (although internal filter again plus I’ve not seen it in person).


I’m not familiar with these new styles of tanks or how they affect oxygen levels. However, for a planted tank, lighting is very important. You would have to see if these tanks allow lighting setups that will accommodate your plants.

Second this. The needs of your plants are going to be much more exacting than the needs of your fish, at least the fish you’ve mentioned. Start from there. If the plants do well, the fish will thrive.