Help me choose! An ice cream conundrum.

Here is my choice:

We are having treats from Baskin Robbins for a coworker’s birthday today. I could say “nothing for me, thanks” (as I would like to lose a little weight - not a lot, just a little) - but I’m not gonna! I want a treat.

I’ve narrowed it down to:

a) a vanilla milkshake (small)

pros: it’s my favorite flavor, I really enjoy milkshakes, it will last me a while

cons: the fat & calories, of course!, also I tend to have it most often, so I’m not exactly branching out here

b) a root beer float (also small)

pros: about half the fat & calories of the vanilla milkshake, haven’t had one in a long time

cons: it won’t last as long as the milkshake, nor will I enjoy it quite as much

So - here are the rules: based only on the criteria I have given, not your own opinion of either choice or personal preference, which should I choose?

If you can point out that any of my reasoning above is flawed, go for it. Just don’t bother saying anything like “vanilla sux, have choklit” because that’s not up for consideration.


I’d go with the Vanilla Shake. In terms of calories and fat content, in the whole scheme of things they aren’t going to be THAT much of a difference, it will last you longer, and you will enjoy it more. It isn’t often that this opportunity will present itself, so seize the - er - shake.

Agreed. If you’d enjoy it more and for longer, I’d say go for it.

Have the one you will enjoy the most. Sounds like that would be the vanilla shake. Why have a treat that you won’t enjoy (as much), when you could have what you really want? I think you really want that vanilla shake, but that you should have the root beer float. Don’t should all over yourself! If you’re going to go for it, go for it!

Vanilla shake. If you have given yourself permission to have a treat, have what you really really want.

Boy, it was really hard keeping my personal preference out of it. Chocolate malted!!

In for a penny, in for a pound. Get the vanilla shake. Screw guilt.

Sorry, I gotta say root beer float. If you start in with justifications to have what you want, it weakens you so you’ll do it again next time. That’s how it is for me, anyway. You’ll still enjoy the root beer float.

Black Cow, baby. Especially if it’s very hot where you are. There’s nothin’ like it. Plus, less guilt. What’s not to like?

I second the motion. Since the occasion is not really all that special, you don’t wanna go all out. Plus, you haven’t had one in a while, so it’ll be extra good, and if you use that as your standard special dessert thingie, after a while you’ll practically forget about the vanilla shake.

Take the Vanilla and…don’t finish it all the way through. The first ten sips are the nicest and most rewarding. After the tenth sip, thoughtless consuming sets in.

So, half a vanilla shake. Half the calories, 9/10 of the fun.

Order a small or a kid’s size cup and get the milkshake.

Vanilla shake wins, thanks to the power of Doper persuasion! :smiley:

As to the “Tenth Sip Theory”, Maastricht - I have no idea what you’re talking about. I enjoy every single sip of a good vanilla milkshake. It’s my best “Be Here Now” application. :slight_smile:

This has been my waist-saver, too. I don’t usually like sweets, but every now and then the Double Chocolate Vegan Brownie from the bakery down the street calls to me. The first bite - heaven. The next two bites - good. After that? It’s total “thoughtless consumption”. I’ll either split it with someone or save the other half for the next day.