Help me choose my next console game.

I own an xbox 360 and a wii. I’m interested in a western style RPG, but a game from a different genre is possible if you can convince me.

I want something old enough that I can get it used. Gamestop’s return policy for used games is the only thing keeping me buying games after so many disappointments.

I’ll have enough store credit to get one “almost new” game that still costs nearly as much used as it does new, or two older games that aren’t as expensive anymore.

I don’t want a JRPG. I’m not interested in a third person shooter, but I might consider Mass Effect based on reviews by my friends and critical acclaim. I don’t like most puzzle games, but some of them (like monkeyball!) are really fun. I have very little experience with western RPGs, except for morrowind (which I LOOOOOVED) and oblivion (which I hated with the fiery passion of a thousand suns). I also really like strategy games, but haven’t found many for either console except puzzle quest for Wii.

So do you guys have any suggestions for me? Gamestop opens in about an hour!

Why not rent a few titles and see which ones hold your interest? Cheaper than buying a game you may not like.

The only XBox360 games I have are Rock Band and GTA 4, so I’m not sure how much help I could offer. Maybe Resident Evil 4 on the Wii? Bioshock on the 360?

The cool thing about the used game return policy at gamestop is that you can bring a game back within a week for any reason, even if it’s just because you don’t like it.

Also, thanks for reminding me about resident evil 4! I actually bought that game and it’s tucked away in a corner of my shelves, and I totally forgot about it. Haven’t played it yet.

Bioshock felt more like a shooter than an RPG to me. I liked it for awhile, until I realized that dying didn’t matter. The enemy’s health bar doesn’t even reset when you die!

Anyone got any other suggestions? I also have a DS, if that helps.

Edit to add: I was thinking about GTA-4. How does the game hold up to extended play? Is it a once-through-and-done kind of game, or does the fun last longer than just the main storyline missions?

I’ve played about 60% of it before I got sidetracked by Lord of the Rings Online. I will go back and finish it, though, because I have been enjoying it a lot. The main storyline is long enough for me, so I don’t know about replayability.