Help me come up with a cool planet name

Yes it’s another one of those threads.

I’m trying to come up with a name for an earth colony. I’d like it to be somewhat tongue-in-cheek, in spirit of Niven’s planet names (Jinx, We Made It, Canyon, etc)

Naturally I had a good idea at one point and then forgot it. :smack: My current idea is At Last, but I’d like something a bit snappier than that (without plagiarizing)

Thanks y’all

Something Simple like,Mike’s Place?

unless you want to borrow…LANZY!

Pick one:


End of the Line
Final Frontier
Second star to the right

Planet Plan On It

Or if its going to be terraformed: Planet Plant It

Questionable Endeavor

New Iceland (for an actually reasonably pleasant world - hey, it worked for the Scandinavians)

New Greenland (for an icebound hellhole - see above)



These aren’t bad…

What I had in mind was something that implied ‘we finally get off this damn ship!’ but punchier… ‘Finally’ might have been my original idea, actually… or ‘About Time’…

While I have people’s attention, anybody got a good idea for something to call a replicator that won’t get me sued by Paramount? Schlock Mercenary uses ‘fabbers’. Transmetropolitan uses ‘makers.’ Since I’m using it to make food, ‘recycler’ is completely out.

“Rest Stop”


Last Stop

Twinner or cloner?
I like converter.

Pitstop. :slight_smile:

As one of the Three Stooges shorts notes when they visit an alien planet, it’s “Venus” spelled backwards.

Unfortunately, this one’s been used in a game, but I still like it: Dunroamin.

Refer to your magic replicating device as a Generator, and everyone calls it “Jenny” for short.

There Already
Good Enough
This’ll Do
Parameters Met

I liked the vanity of having a planet named for one’s self, Pushkin’s Planet for example.

How’s about giving the colony some sort of official title, not a name just a collection of letters, Colony-XP983.11, and then have a nickname based on what the colonists really think of their home.

Or is that just a cliche, so some sort of wet behind the ears traveller from Earth can ask where they are and some colonist or another can grumble and say “but we call it planet… poop.”

I like these. =^.^= At the moment I’m going with melanger for the replicator.

Somebody might be wondering what this is for. I’m making up a series bible for my comic, which means I need background info. It’s about 90% there - the last few terms I need are stuff I have, just don’t have access to at the moment. Some other vocab? The Holographic Harem, which is basically a holodeck, nawuki (an alien species), canjin (an alien species resembling anthro dogs), Plot Hole (how one of the characters gets to work everyday)

Too Dune.

If the replication is performed by nanomachines, how about “Bug-Box”?

Atingocni Arret

That’s terra incognita backwards.