What User Name Was Your Second Choice On This Board?

If I hadn’t been Penfeather here, I would have gone for Fossil Sausage.

Back when I joined there were only about thirty names already claimed.

I would have used my pre-internet biker name (Lurker) but it was already taken. Variations didn’t excite me.

Captain Zero

The one I’m using.

Silas Sparkhammer.


Lurid Panache.

Rounceval Chesterhert Leds.



So many pretty (nonsenical!) names. (The first is from Jack Vance; the rest are my own inventions.)

What a question, fifteen years later.

Kali, probably. That was my Very First Handle Ever.

Probably Blackthorn. It’s my SCA last name, and I was fairly active in the SCA back then.

Probably Golgo-13. It was a name I’d already been using for years at AR15.com and The Firing Line.


A trophy guy. I actually like this one better but didn’t think of it until after my current username.

This one. When I first signed up, in my naivety I used my real name as my User Name. Finally deciding maybe that was not a good idea, I started a new account as Siam Sam and never used the original again. I don’t know how Admin learned about it, but I got a message saying I was banned for having two accounts. After e-mailing them and explaining the situation, they let me back on, changing all my original posts to my present User Name.

My third choice would be Bigus Dickus.

hard to say

And your third choice?

I kinda miss my old handle, but I think it was wise to change it given the level of personal detail I’ve revealed on this board and how very specific it was to my actual real life identity.

I kind of love Spice Weasel, though, too. Futurama is one of my favorite things and the concept of the spice weasel is totally myself. Other Futurama handles I have used include Buggalo and Squiddification and those are solid choices IMO.

On the Giraffe boards (I think) I was Why I am a Destiny, which might be my altnerative choice here. It’s a ridiculous over the top reference to one of Nietzsche’s most egomaniacal works, Twilight of the Idols. He had chapters titled ‘‘Why I write Such Great Books’’ and ‘‘Why I am a Destiny’’ and I find his arrogance objectively hilarious.

if time permits

The English form of Rivkah is Rebecca, and I actually went by that briefly. When I can’t have RivkahChaya as a user name (which is just my name) because it’s in my email, and a few places demand a user name different from your email, I go with TheFirstMrsDeWinter.

guest{some number I was assigned until I actually chose a user name} is what I would have used if chaz wasn’t available. Not sure why, now, I stuck with the guest part of it.

Not Naughtius Maximus or Sillius Soddus?

(I’ll bypass referring to Incontinentia Buttocks just in case she reads this)


I don’t even know. I’ve never been to a site where Rhiannon8404 was already taken.