Lurkers...Look here for username suggestions....get them while they are HOT!

We seem to have a plethora of lurkers signing up and I welcome them all!
With so many registered members, it is very hard to come up with a username that is original and sticks out. I mean, we all cannot be me more’s the pity . There is only one Atomic Badger Racing and none of us are it, which is even more sad.

Just because Imthecowgodmoo is taken and MIA, does not mean for any lurker or Doper who chose poorly, to give up hope. Not yet. You get, AFAIK, one offical name change. But, if you do it right, if you choose wisely, you could become famous.

You could become a :::::::::::::bangs Gong:::::::: Doper Legend.
Quite often through out a variety of forums there will be a funny/interesting combination of words that inevitably get the * BAND/USER name !!!111!!! Because secretly we are all 13 year old t33nager5!
I have made an inadequately short list of some of these so that it might help or assist a lurker in chosing the right name for themselves. As we all know, The Name Is Everything. Content means diddley-squat. Unless you are in GQ/GD or possibly The Pit YMMV. :slight_smile:
Her Name Was Lola
Basically F*cked
Gucking Forgeous** Courtesy of Sampiro.
That Guy
Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
Admit it, it sounds cool**
Deranged Maniac
Free Range Maniac
Ranged Maniac
Hawley-Smoot Maniac
Ax Murderer #1**

I like maniacs, what can I say?

Every time you pick a terrible username for yourself Og kills a masterbating gaybaby whale. :slight_smile:

Please contribute to this Name Drive.

*Availability of user names is limited, so order early and often! Our operator is standing by!

Rancid Duck Fart



Ik Puk Muk Muk





Slurp 'N Slide


Why, masterbating gaybaby whale, of course.
Best one in your list.

Hairball Remedy (my second choice after Crayons).

Goat Felcher

I think The Noodle Incident should really be someone.

Baby Jesus Kleenex

Random Neural Firings

Ronald Raygun

Toast Museum

But I didn’t inhale

**Click Here!

A Smattering

Date Strope** (or, Daight Strope)

**Only Once, in 1960 ** (in the same spirit as 1920’s Style Death Ray)

**I Hate Me, Vol. II

Het Ij

Puuuuupae** (or Perhaps Poopy Puppy Pupae)

Mister Fister

**The Quack’s Echo

Rubber Wall Painting

The Thing Inside the Thing

McNally Nut Cruncher

Bucky Thundernuts

Google This


Gates’ Alter Ego

Alter Ego

Alter Ego Boy

Pants Down Shooters** (a bar activity from my youth)

**One Touch Stapler


Huckleberry Slim

Or perhaps Goal Fetcher

What happens if I press th…

**A Dingo Ate My Homework

Utopian Toob

Touch Me Righ…Bingo!**

Mangetout, now that’s just weird as I’d not read yours before posting.

**Dikdik Addict


Spiro T, a Gnu

Causal Acquaintance**

Otter’s noses (inspired by thread title)

Pressed Submit Too Soo