Help me complete the set...

I :heart: My Dog
I :spades: My Cat
I :clubs: My Baby Seal


I <diamond> equal pay!

I [diamond] David Lee Roth

I [Diamond] my girlfriend? :smiley:

I diamon-day?

Thanks for the replies. These two, though, I don’t get… can you 'splain?

Roth liked to call himself “Diamond Dave.”

I [Diamond]-Days.

If you say it quickly, and include the “a” syllable, it kinda sounds like “I die on Mondays”.

Stop looking at me.

I remember some company selling removable stickers with a picture of a screw on it for people to put over the heart on these stickers.

That way, unbeknownst to the driver, they would tell the world:

I (screw) my German Shephard.

I <> my accomplice.

(do I need to explain this?)

I <> you talc, girlie man

How come the diamond doesn’t work but the other suits do? Can anyone figger out how to get a proper diamond?

I :diamonds: Diamonds

Do you mean :diamonds:?

Change the font to Times New Roman. I have Windows XP. It may not work on a Mac.

I ? baseball

The ? is supposed to be a diamond.

That doesn’t make sense, really. It might be better just to go with:

I [diamond] my hamster

as a kind of no-soap-radio pomo joke.

Ah, that’s the ticket… 10-Q