Help me confirm a death

I’m back to ask for some help. I read something online that seemed unusual and I’m looking for more information.

I was on Asia Carrera’s website. For those who don’t know, Asia Carrera is a former porno actress who got married and retired a couple of years back. She runs her own website which has a blog where she intermittently posts new messages.

And there’s a huge new message there now. According to the website, Carrera’s husband, Don Lemmon, was killed in a car accident yesterday (June 11).

Now normally, I’d have nothing but sympathy for somebody who just lost their spouse. But unfortunately, the emotion that arose in me was suspicion. Things just seem kind of off.

First, as I noted, Carrera does not post frequently. It seemed strange that her first reaction after learning her husband was killed was to post a message. Granted, it was a monumental event.

Second, her reaction seems unusual. Admittedly, I don’t know the woman, I’ve never lost a spouse, people handle trauma in different ways, etc.

Third, she’s asking for money. By her own words, she’s suddenly a poor window who’ll be raising two children on her own and who doesn’t have any money. No financial problems have been mentioned before, although granted people might not want to talk about how tight things are and how close they’re living to the edge.

Fourth, by now suspicious, I looked for confirmation. And found nothing. Don Lemmon, while not a household name, is not unknown. He’s a fitness expert and author of some books. I found 29000 Google hits on his name. But no online mention of his death. His own webpage and blog has no notice of his death posted.

Fifth, the couple lives in St George, Utah, a small city on southwest Utah with a population of about 65,000. The local paper, the Spectrum, is available online. There is no report of any death of Don Lemmon in the news section, in the obituaries, or in the local accident section.

Now maybe I’m just a suspicious bastard with no heart. And maybe I’m maligning this poor woman in her hour of loss. Or maybe something else is going on here.

Those who want to read the messages can do so easily enough. I won’t link to Asia Carrera’s website (it’s mildly not worksafe - nothing extreme but there is a couple of nude pictures) but it’s easy enough to find (hint herfirstnameherlastname dot com or you can use the link in the Wikipedia article).

Nothing in his blog that says he is no longer among the living nor on the man page of his website

Maybe he didn’t have time to update them since his death ?

Is it possible her blog’s been hacked? Does the appeal for funds have a link to a paypal site? It’s not outside the realm of possibility that someone’s hacked a (relatively minor) celeb’s own site in order to fleece some of their fans of their cash…

I had the same reaction you did when I saw her pleas for money. I find it extremely suspicious that she asked the world for cash within, at most, a day of her husband’s death. I also googled Lemmon’s name and saw nothing about his death.

I’m really curious to find out what’s going on here.

I found mention of a rollover accident in Las Vegas in the time span mentioned, but the person apparently survived. That is strange… Maybe she hasn’t put the word out to the press yet? Anyone live in that area? What do the print newspapers say? It may be a bit before an obit is published though. There hasn’t even really been time to fully set a funeral in motion, if he did die.

Strike that, the death happened June 11, that accident was June 12. :smack:’s Obituary Collection has nothing on Don Lemmon as of this hour.

Here’s an AVN article on the death. Not much new to it, but there is an “according to police” reference, which implies official confirmation.

Links to Nevada newspapers and news sources. Nothing in either of the Las Vegas daily newspapers.

Okay, I couldn’t look before, being at work and all…

It does look like Ms Carrera put those posts up herself, they all seem to match the tone and writing style of the rest of her postings…

I agree, the money-grubbing seems as hokey as all get out, but there have been updates. She says in a later entry that she’s not working due to being heavily pregnant, her partner didn’t have life insurance and she no longer has a car. I can see how those three occurrences would cause her to be in a position of needing support financially…

Nothing about Don Lemmon in Google News, either.

I just talked with the Nevada Highway Patrol, and they confirmed that Don Lemmon was killed in a one-vehicle highway accident on Saturday, June 10.

From the IMDb biography of Asia Carrera:

> . . . Her fans not only admire her mouth-watering body but also her brains - Asia
> is known to be a very intelligent person. At the tender age of 13 the daughter
> of a German father and a Japanese mother already played J. S. Bach on the
> piano in Carnegie Hall. Thanks to a federal grant she was able to study
> Japanese language and Economics at Rutgers University . . . To get through her
> studies at the university she turned to stripping. After becoming one of New
> Jersey’s best-paid exotic dancers she decided to devote her life to getting richer
> and richer. . . . When she heard about girls making thousands of dollars in the
> porn biz she moved to Los Angeles. . . . Today Asia has retired from making
> adult movies and only ever returns to do the occasional big-budget flick. . . .

So what happened to all of the money?

Since Lemmon’s death has been confirmed, I want to express my condolences to Asia. Her quick requests for money struck me as suspicious, but now that I know the circumstances I’m not going to judge how a pregnant woman reacts to the grief and fear such a loss must cause.

No offense, Clark, but I hope Asia Carrera never reads your condolence. Because now I’m hoping she never sees this thread.

I guess between memories of Hyapatia Lee and a local false reporting scandal that happened yesterday, my suspicion meter was reading too high. From the tone of Carrera’s most recent post, I’m not the only one. Apparently some people have been trying to contact her directly to confirm her husband’s death. Not that’s beyond the limit.

My thanks to everyone for their help.