Help me create a bumper sticker

I have a bumper sticker that was a freebie if I donated to the cause. Naturally, I didn’t, but I liked it.

**Save Tibet **

Now, I want to put another one next to it in my van window
something along the lines of:

**Save Tibet.

Save Yourself **



(Originally I swore the saying was **Free Tibet ** then I was going to do **Free Yourself ** followed by ** Money is for nothin’ and your chicks for Free **

Any other out there cosmic references would be appreciated.

Or, what about
*Jesus Died For Your Sins **
But Buddha gives you second chances until you get it right.

or something to that effect

**When it comes to money, we are all the same religion. **

Shirley, I have a self made Bumper on my truck that say’s:

limit one per customer.
while supplies last.
Not valid with any other offer.


My other sticker say’s “I’m an Asshole. And I* VOTE!*”

I love making my own stickers.

Stamp Out Virginity
In Our Lifetime

**Nurse Carmen ** That is hysterical. Me like.
Another one I am working on the wording:

**I maybe just another Mom in a Van, but you are
a mouthbreather. **

( I like mouthbreather but cannot find the right ooomph for it.)

**In God We Trust **
*All Others Pay Cash *

X35 lARO

Saw this in an email the other day. In a rear view mirror it looks like “ORAl SEX”. :slight_smile:

Save Tibet
Redeem for valuable prizes!

Oh, and it was a license plate number, not a bumper sticker.

Free Tibet, Nepal heavily discounted…

Save the Whales. Collect the whole set…

If you can read this, you are in my blind spot

Put it on the back left, right above the tire.

Save Tibet

Save Tibet For Dessert.

Vegas is perfect for someone who loves Tibet.

Jesus saves, Moses invests.

I’m certain theres a joke to be made here, but it’s late and I’ve had more than my share to drink tonight. Just imagine that I made a funny here.
A friend of mine was a big fan of cutting up popular bumper stickers and rewording them. About 10 Years ago when Billy Graham was doing his nationwide arena tour, Graham was distributing the “BILLY GRAHAM RALLY – april 10th – All seats free” Sticker.

Also, there is that purple/white sticker that has that tired phrase that goes something to the effect of “Practice Random acts of Kindess and Senless acts of Beauty”.

Well, with an exacto knife, He manipulated each of them so that he had one on the left side of ihs bumper, and one on the right side of his bumper:

“HAM RALLY – all eat free – april 10th”


“Act at random and practice senselessness”

Both made me laugh.

This is sheer jeen-yus.

I think I may have to use it.


We pray for the end of ignorance and superstition.

Nuke a gay whale for Jesus!