Help me decide what color to paint my house

My house needs painting. I hope to do it next year. Please take a look and suggest a color. It’s presently white, a plain white farmhouse built in 1849. Tin roof (needs resealing, and that should be done next year, too).Here’s a picture. I’m looking for cozy cottage-y.

I’m not sure if I want to stay with white, or go with color. I kind of like a plain grey with white trim. It’s very clean-looking. I’m also thinking of a soft yellow, but I don’t want it to look faded, just pastel.

Oh, the big holly in the center and the big cedar to the right are gone. I’d like to plant hydrangeas across the front.

Please offer your opinions and/or offers to come scrape and paint.


Houses should be white, with green shutters.

Barns should be red.

I think a good gray (not a battleship gray, but a nice soft gray) and nice bright white would look good. Colors are usually the toughest choice and don’t go by the little chip. My suggestion is to buy a pint of the paint you think you might like and paint a good portion of the house and step back. Some color that looks great on a 2" chip might look overwhelming when it is painted on a 4’x4’ area.

I am always amazed that people won’t spring for the one pint before they paint their entire home. A pint or two of paint is cheap insurance to get the color you want in my opinion.

Sorry I don’t scrape paint :slight_smile: Nice home though, seems very cozy.

Pinkor Purpleor Rainbow.

I’m thinking eggshell (light cream) with dark grey and red accents. What a lovely place!

Foggy - No, No and No. Sorry.

Hakuna Matata - That’s sort of what I was thinking, but my sister said she thought a color was friendly to come home to on a rainy day. Right now I just wish I"d have a rainy day.

t_bonham - Well, it’s been white for 160 years…maybe it deserves to step out.


applebetty - Can you find a picture that illustrates those colours? I can’t really visualize it.


I like the idea of gray with white trim, especially for an older house like yours. It’s very smart-looking, and more interesting than plain white. Just don’t use a very dark gray.

Pink, but a very light soft pink, not hot pink. Look at Ranger’s Gate Lodge in Windsor Great Park.

StG, I think that after 160 years of being subdued, your beautiful house wants to step out in a palette of blue.

I don’t think you need fear losing your cosy, cottage feel - the shutters and chimneys do that. Make a statement! Pastels are for wusses! :smiley:

I have always been partial to a sage green house.

That is a lovely old home,I like the rounded window tops. So color…, such a tough decision…check out for inspiration. Yes it’s a vinyl siding product, but the colors are inspired by Norman Rockwell. As mentioned already consider (heritage) gray, or sage with bright white trim. Barn red is also vey smart. But did you see any yellow in that palette? No. I used the ocean blue with white trim for my own house. Went from all white to blue. Looks smashing!

I need to see house images. I can’t visualize with color wheels.

Quartz - That’s very cute, but I’m afraid too much pink would end up looking like a pepto-bismal bottle.


True, so when out and about if you see a house or building that appeals, take note of it, or take a picture. I did do that, what caught my eye was this rehabbed old place, they resided with board and batten. I loved it, ended up installing that on one side as we resided the house.

How close are your neighbors? I’ve always found it a little annoying when every house on the street is the same basic color so if your neighbor’s houses are close enough to matter then I’d choose something different than they have just to give my home a little visual pop.

FWIW, I like yellow with white trim. Accept reject or ignore as you like.

Google “exterior paint ideas” then click on images. Find ones you like and let us vote. :slight_smile:

Great house! I’m surprised to be saying this because usually I’m all about color, but I think it’s perfect in white. It just goes with the style. I’d keep the trim white, at least.

Me too. Sage green is cool and warm at the same time.

I think the current colors are just fine though. If you want more pop, then house white and shutters teal.

Alpha Twit - I have a farm out in the country. There’s one house visible from mine. No worries about looking cookie cutter.

Some that I like so far:


THis is cheery, although I think I might opt for a slightly cooler shade of yellow.

I like the “painted lady” style of this one, but I think it’s too ornate for my simple little house.

Grey house/white trim

Brynda - Maybe I should walk down Main and College Streets and look at colors. Maybe take some pics.


Farmhouses should be white with green shutters, with the exception of leaving the natural wood exposed. Grey is a reasonable substitute for white.

The windows should have molding added to accentuate the shape, and green shutters added for a nice scallop top effect on the arched windows. Use the same green on the facia. Beef up the porch posts a little, and maybe add a rail across them.

Nice looking house.