Help me find a book series!

When I was a kid, we had a series of books that I called The Red Books. They were a sixteen-volume set bound in red hardcovers and apparently intended to be an introduction or overview of literature for children. Each volume was a different type of story, I think. Mostly, I remember that the sixteenth and last volume contained science fiction and parents’ notes. I mostly read the science fiction. One of the stories concerned time travelers from late-1950s California (I think) who go to the year 2006, where every family has a helicopter and the floors are cleaned by humanoid robots pushing mops.

Does anyone know the series I’m talking about? I kinda want to read that story again.

It might help us if you gave us a hint as to when you were a kid. 1980s? 1960s? 1950s?

The Childcraft series perhaps? I remember them having grey covers but there apparently were a number of different print runs with different designs over the years so one of them may have been red.

Sorry. I remember them from the late sixties (I turned 7 in 1970), but the design and artwork was very late-1950s.