Help me find a clip from WKRP in Cincinnati

So I was having a discussion with a work colleague about the show WKRP in Cincinnati. I was telling him about how Les Nessman felt like he should have an office so he had wall outlines taped on the floor.

In one particularly funny scene Mr. Carlson is respecting the invisible boundaries of the office, even going so far as to act like he’s leaning into Les’ office to ask him a question by hanging on to a non existent door jam.

So does anyone remember that scene? Or did I just create a boat anchor for a post.
I’d like to find a clip of that scene, and if not that, then one that highlights the use of the fake walls that Les had taped on the floor.

I don’t have that scene, but I do remember the episode.

Any idea which episode it was?

“Les’ Groupie”- episode 35 - makes a reference to the invisible walls.

The first episode in which the invisible walls make their appearance is episode 16 - “A Date with Jennifer”

Mr. Carlson’s scene in which he congratulates Les for his Silver Sow award is right around 5:20.

I remember Carlson doing that, but that’s about all.

I think it happened as a running joke through multiple episodes involving multiple characters. In particular I remember Johnny walking through the walls then being made to go back “outside” and knocking on the door before Les would acknowledge him.

Oh, I remember all the gags about it. I just don’t remember which episode Carlson specifically leaned in in. Andy really went off on Les about it too, ranting about how walls needed to be torn down, not put up.

Should clarify … 5:20 into the episode “A Date With Jennifer” is the scene in question.

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You are awesome!

I just got it. Thanks!

Sure thing.

Thanks to neofishboy for saying where to find it.

It’s hard to see, but note that Carlson actually clicks his heels together to make a knocking sound.

I remember Carlson pretending to knock and tapping his foot to make the sound, was that the same episode? Also, doesn’t Les ask “who is it?”

Yes, I think it was the same episode.

“These lines represent where walls will someday be! Walls!!!”

This is my all time favorite lines from this show. I love more than the “As God is my witness…” line. Les is just so…hopeful.

Growing up (and even now) whenever anyone starts a sentence with, “(Something) represents where…” I have to stifle the urge to exclaim, “…where walls will someday be? Walls?!?” Sometimes I fail and say it out loud anyway.

“Herb? Remember once telling me that you bet Jennifer had a round bed? Well, it’s rectangular, just like everyone else’s.”

(And it’s S1E10.)

Richard Sanders definitely has a way with a line (and I wish he’d accepted more acting roles, over the years).

I still hear in my head his response to Mr. Carlson’s shocking revelation that

[SPOILER] his biological father is still alive. Les hadn’t known that the man who raised him–who has been deceased for a while–wasn’t his biological parent. Mr. Carlson gently tells him: “Les…your father…he’s alive.”

And Sanders’ line reading of this is just perfection:

“Well…he’s buried…” [/SPOILER]

You have to hear it for yourself to appreciate it; here’s the ep: