WKRP to be released on DVD

TV Shows on DVD has announced the the first season of WKRP will be released on DVD in April 2007. Apparently there will be music substitutions (the music rights held up the release). Too bad it won’t be released before Christmas.

Here’s the link:


“As God as my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.”

I just watched that episode online on T-day.

WKRP without the original music is only half as good as it could be.

But half of WKRP is twice as good as most sitcoms.

Without the original music, I won’t buy it, I think. I loved Tour of Duty, but it wasn’t the same without the original music.

Mmmm… Bailey…


Howard Hesseman’s Dr. Johnny Fever rocks!


Favorite episodes:

Thanksgiving - “Oh, the humanity”

Drunk test - “Thanks for the lid, Art”

Radio consultant - “There’s a chair over there, there’s a chair over there, there’s a chair over there. No, that’s a clock”

Scum of the Earth - “One of them asked me what time it was when I said I didn’t know, another one said, Well, that’s it for him then.”

I’ve never seen an episode of WKRP but for some reason, that last quote made me laugh out loud. I will now be checking out this series.

(sorry for the threadjack but does this mean that The Wonder Years may get this kind of treatment?)

It’s not the same with substitute tunes. Luckily, I have every episode on DVD…with original music. :smiley:

I will only buy it if it’s genuine plastic. I will accept no imitations.

See I don’t get this attitude.

If you didn’t have pirated versions on DVD and they didn’t tell you that they were changing the music, how would you know?

It’s fanwanking, pure and simple. The downside for the rest of us is that it’s destructive fanwanking since it is at least partly this attitude that’s kept them from releasing the show before now.

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they got music rights from Pink Floyd. One of my favorite scenes is the one where Johnny Fever is playing Pink Floyd’s “Animals”, and a befuddled Art is trying to figure out where the barking is coming from.

Art (looking at album jacket): “Pigs on the Wing.” I wonder what that one sounds like.
Johnny: Hey man, I don’t do requests.

with or without the original music, i’m definitely buying.
i worked in radio in those days and never ever missed an episode.
oh, the memories, the memories…

‘as god is my witness i thought turkeys could fly…’ still the funniest ep in the series.

‘chy chy rod-drew-gweze…’ i was the news director. les nessman was my hero.

herb’s sportjackets… ‘somewhere there’s a volkswagon in search of it’s seatcovers.’ (or something close to that. it’s been years since i saw it.)

les nessman’s silver sow award… i always wanted one for my desk and even looked for one.

his office tape lines… i didn’t have an office, either. :smiley:

andy’s hair… i called him lamba chi boy
(when i was in college in the 70s at ball state, the lamba chi guys had the best hair on campus)

cart machines… (we hated them, too)

ah, payola… (those were the days, my friends!) :smiley:

johnny fever. i had such a crush on him, god knows why…
his bit with the alcohol consumption/reaction machine with the state trooper is the second funniest thing i ever saw on the show. the more he drinks the faster he gets.

and how could i forget one of the best eps ever as venus explains the atom.


I can live without most of the original music, so long as they secured the rights to the Red Wigglers jingle…“Red Wigglers, the Cadillac of worms!”

Because sometimes the specific music is integral to the scene. See Shoeless’s Pink Floyd example. And if they can’t get the rights to “Tiny Dancer,” I can tell you that one of the most touching episodes in the whole series will be ruined.

(Is it the songs they can’t get the rights to, or just the specific recordings? If the latter, there would conceivably be the possibility of substituting soundalike versions.)

Me too!

Here’s a “Quasi-Quote” from my News Director days at WBTR-FM:

“A minute is only a minute. Unless you’re waiting for a cart to re-cue. Then it’s an hour!”



The theme says it all, doesn’t it, ScubaQueen?

“Town to town and up and down the dial …”

I once quit a station in Carrrollton and went to the competition, and the Program Director at BTR had the nerve to tell me “You’ll never work in this town again!”

I laughed in his face.

"Dude, this is Carrollton, Georgia, not fuckin’ Hollywood!" :rolleyes:

But you’re right: “Those were the days, my friends…”

Do you still dream about your “radio days”?

I do.

Sorry for the hijack, but I don’t get a chance to talk “radio” much anymore… :wink:


I might have to get this just to see the scene where Les Nessman dyed his skin black and wore an Afro wig to do a modern-day “Black Like Me”: a “journey down the highways and by-ways of the American Negro!”

Don’t forget the jingle that they produced for the funeral home. Peppy and upbeat.

"…some day you’re going to buy it…

That’s the only line that I can remember from the jingle.

“You can’t deny it!”

The music is an issue precisely because they riffed on it so much.


“Another One Bites the Dust” finishes. Johnny says “That’s one of the biggest hits by Queen. Not one of my own favorites, of course.”

It makes no sense out of context.