Help me find a Latin book

My friend is looking for the “answer guide” to a really great Latin text book he has. It was published in 1973. The book he has is JD Sadler’s Modern Latin, Book One. So he’s got that but he can’t do as much learning as he wants w/o the answer guide.

The guide he’s looking for is also by JD Sadler and it’s called Modern Latin teacher’s guide.

He says he’s been looking for “years” and hasn’t found it but once, and his check for the book was returned with a “no longer in inventory” note.

Any help?

Wow…tough one. Can’t find any copies listed, although Amazon has an entry for it: Out of Print and Limited Availability.

Published by University of Oklahoma Press. I take it he’s written to them?

Here’s the link, if it helps at all.

Sorry I couldn’t dig up something better.

Thanks for looking, Dijon.

His next step, if no Dopers had any resources for us, is to write to the Univ. of OK to see what’s up.
Forgot to mention in my OP that if anyone actually HAS this book and is willing to sell it, he’s buying :slight_smile:

One bump for the weekend.

Have you tried the local university intra-library loan – he couldn’t keep it, but that’s why Og gave us xerox machines!!