Help me find a particular loveseat

I’m looking for a sofa (loveseat) for an office, but I’ve got some requirements. In particular, to go with the rest of the decor and to fit in the space available, the sofa should:

  • be less than 52 inches wide (less than 50 inches would be even better)
  • be leather or leather-ish
  • be brown or black
  • have upholstered arms (i.e., not exposed wood arms, etc.)

The hardest part is the size. Sofas of the “tub” variety (is this actually a real term?) tend to be small, so I’ve been trying to find those, for example this small guy or this even smaller guy. However, I need a US source. (I’ve only found US sources for these so far.) I’m open to other styles, as long as the sofa is small.

Annoyingly, I found an appropriate 48-inch loveseat online two days ago, but I’ve just burned an hour looking for it again and can’t seem to find it. Any help would be much appreciated!

By way of correction and bump…

I meant to say that I need a US source but have only found UK sources. I did come across the keyword ‘settee’, which produced some new leads, but I’m still coming up empty handed on the whole package (less-than-50-inch-wide, brown-or-black, leather-ish loveseat).

Try searching for “chair and a half.” I think the seat width on those (not including arms) is around forty inches.

I was looking for something and saw this one.

Now I see it’s sold out. (another blonde moment) but maybe there’s something else on the site that would work.