Help me find a song, might be Loudon Wainwright III

Within the past couple of years, while driving through West Virginia, I heard a song that I really liked on the Mountain Stage radio show. The narrator was singing to his buddy about their friendship and the buddy’s wife’s impact on it. I think that the phrase “Your wife doesn’t like me” was repeated throughout the song.

I believe that the person singing the song was Loudon Wainwright III. I have looked through Wainwright’s discography and lyrics on various sites, I have Googled the phrase, now I turn to SDMB. Can anyone help me identify this song? Thanks.

Yes, it’s called “IDTTYWLM” by Loudoun Wainwright III. That stands for 'I don’t think that your wife likes me.

Funny song. One of my divorced pals never fails to get a kick out of it.

Under ten minutes. SDMB is awesome. Thanks, Jonathan Chance.

The lady is an East Indian Princess and doesn’t like the smell from the Dead Skunk in the middle of the road you hit on your way from Smokey Joe’s Cafe.