Help me find a thread

I’m not putting this in Great Debates because what I’m really looking for is help finding a Great Debate that has already occurred.

I’m having an online discussion with someone regarding world views and he springs this on me:

“Most liberals in the U.S. today, unconsciously, base their beliefs upon Nietzsche, Rousseau, and others. They would be loath to admit it, but that is where they come from. The results of those beliefs brought us Hitler and the Nazis on the extreme right and Lenin and communism on the far left. At the end of the 20th century, you can see what these philosophies brought us, death, destruction, and misery. Never in history have so many millions of people been slaughtered on the premise that “People are basically good”. And those same beliefs are prevalent in the US today, with the Judeo-Christian worldview the only influence that restrains those philosophies from taking their natural course that developed in Germany and Russia in the past century.”

This has left me a little dumbstruck, although I’d like to do better than just saying “That’s ridiculous”, or “Oh yeah, what about the Crusades?”. The thing is that I know there was a recent Great Debate in which someone posted a comment saying basically the same thing (liberalism being responsible for much of the evils of the 20th century), followed by some brilliant responses, and I’d love to use it as a reference but my searches have not brought up that particular thread. If anyone remembers this thread and can help me narrow my search, perhaps by recalling the principals involved, I’d appreciate some help. I hope I’m not just imagining this thread. (Since I’m nut a skilled debater, I need all the help I can get.)

He also had some pretty nasty things to say about Darwinism, but I think I can handle that one on my own.

personally, I’d respond with a simple, “have I ever told you how cute Jesus’ ass is? I’d really like to do him. Is that wrong?”

but that’s just me.

OK. You’re going to have to help, here. Just throwing a couple of keywords at the search engine brought back over a hundred replies. Even setting the filter to “last 30 days” brings back far too many to effectively examine one at a time.

Think about either the “brilliant reponses” or the original harangue. Did any phrases stick out? Are there any particular rarely used words that got caught in your memory? Searching for “liberal” or “20th century” simply isn’t going to cut it.

If one of the brilliant rejoinders (or the original attack) included words like termagant, quondam, or even ill-favored, we would have something sufficiently rare to narrow the search.
OTOH, I suspect that even if you find the thread, you are going to be disappointed in the results. Fighting True Believers (of any ilk, not just those of the Religious Right) is an exercise in futility.