Help me find cartoons for my mom

I’m putting together a box-o’-fun for my mother’s birthday coming up – all DVDs of exclusively cartoons and Pixar-type CG movies. I’ve got the movies covered – stuff like Nightmare Before Christmas and Happy Feet (she’s seen that one, but loved it) but I need a lot more cartoons. I’ve got to get these things shipped off in a couple of weeks and my brain is frozen – I’ve got Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents and a single Futurama, the latter because Futurama might(? – haven’t seen it in a while) be too crammed with contemporary pop culture references, and she’s not extremely savvy with that stuff. She’s very intelligent and loves sharp wit and slapstick humor. I so want to get her Courage the Cowardly Dog – but that’s apparently only available in a complete set of all shows. Stuff like South Park is a bit too scatological (it’s my mom, after all!)

Any help? I’ll preview them if I can, but I trust the Dopers. If this should be in My Humble Opinion, please move it – sorry!

Nothing wrong with the classics – there are a couple of really good Looney Tunes compilations that I bet she’d love.

A strong recommendation for The Triplets of Belleville.

There are a couple of Phineas and Ferb DVDs out, I’m not sure what episodes are on them but they’re all good so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Sharp wit? Rocky and Bullwinkle!

Not exactly cartoons, but what about some Wallace and Gromit?

What about Dr. Katz or Home Movies?

Heh, I’m even more pathetic under pressure than I thought.

Classics - I meant to exclude these (she has quite a few already). My bad, but I’m glad you brought them up because it’s such a vast genre.

Larry Mudd, Triplets looks awesome, will check it out.

Wallace & Gromit is perfect! I love you.

Phineas & Ferb :smack: Have even seen a few of these…excellent…

Dr. Katz - is that the one about the psychiatrist? That might be good too, she used to have a thing for psychiatrists. What network was that on?

Invader Zim. My kids and I both think it’s hilarious. It only ran for 1 1/2 seasons and was just finding it’s audience when Nickelodeon canceled it. It’s sharp and smart and silly all at the same time. It’s about a really incompetent alien invader and his elementary school nemesis.

A couple of good episodes:

“Walk for Your Lives” – Zim builds a time machine. When it malfunctions and blows up, it explodes reeeeeealy sloooooowly … .

“Megadoomer” – Zim’s leaders accidentally send him a giant battle mech. But batteries aren’t included. Mayhem ensues.

Comedy Central

Studio Ghibli’s films, perhaps?

The National Film Board of Canada has produced a number of good animated shorts.
Animation Greats!
More! Animation Greats (although I think this is a bootleg)
Leonard Maltin’s Animation Favorites From the National Film Board of Canada

Yellow Submarine is a classic.

Bill Plympton has made some great animation. Although some of his stuff contains some relatively graphic sex jokes.
Plymptoons - The Classic Works of Bill Plympton
Plymptoons - The Complete Early Works of Bill Plympton
Bill Plympton’s Dog Days: A Collection of Short Films 2004-2008
The Tune
I Married a Strange Person!

Got work cut out for me here. Independent/foreign shorts and features are great too. I might break the “silly” rule for another I thought of, Fantastic Planet.

The Emperor’s New Groove was always one of my favorites.

And Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends is suprisingly witty for adults.

Along the same lines as Dr Katz, don’t forget about The Critic.

My daughter got me a boxed set of Cowboy Bebop episodes, and the movie, too. However, we had watched various episodes on cable TV, and we enjoyed them, so she already knew that I liked that show.

If you can’t think of any more movies or cartoons, then include some gourmet popping corn and some popcorn oil and seasonings. Or some hot cocoa mix. Land O Lakes sells some very nice cocoa mixes, available in single serving packets.

If she’s into wacky, I highly recommend Meet the Robinsons.

If you can find a copy - MTV’S Liquid Television Wet Shorts

If she likes the old Warner Brothers stuff I suggest “Oggy & the Cockroaches”, it was done in France but the plot lines are simple enough that no language is needed plus the Cockroaches are named after the Ramones!


The various 6Teen collections.

Fun plots.