What Happened To Your Favorite Cartoons?

What happened to the good ol’ classic cartoons like:
Underdog, Bugs Bunny, Heckle and Jekyl, Dudley Dooright, and Bullwinkle?

They have been replaced by sorry artists like The Simpson’s, King of the Hill and Futurama.

What is your favorite cartoon? What cartoon do you really feel insults your intelligence?

On the rare occasions that I see the kids channels on sky (when my nieces are visiting) I find the stuf on there extremely patronizing.

My faves - Dangermouse, Thundercats, Tom&Jerry, Bugs, Roadrunner.

Pinky and the Brain!

I buy it on video whenever I can.

What about superted, surely that is one of the best?

Oh, and Henry’s cat.

King of the Hill and Futurama two of my favorite animated shows. In fact, Futurama is one of my favorite shows, animated or not.

I miss The Tick. Will it ever come out on DVD?

I think Isabelle was being ironic about Simpsons etc…

Second only to simpsons - my fave is Family Guy.

What cartoon insults MY intelligence?

Pretty much any dubbed anime. The stuff’s so awful it’s funny.
Good cartoons would definitely be family guy and the like. 80’s cartoons kick ass, too.

My favourite cartoon ever was My Little Pony, the original series and the Movie, I loved those and would sit down and watch them all day if they were shown sometime. Un fortunately I know they wont be and I think its highly unlikely that Il see them released on DVD, the TV shows I mean. I was lucky enough to get the movie a few months back on VCD on E-bay.

Favorite cartoons: The Simpsons, Futurama, Family Guy, Gargoyles, Bugs Bunny.

To a lesser extent, the original Spider-Man and Batman cartoons (the ones that were on FOX about 7 years ago, not the new crap that the WB has produced).
Most hated cartoons: ANY anime.

Oh, I can’t believe I forgot–Space Ghost Coast to Coast.

Moving this to Cafe Society.

The Original SpaceGhost (not the Coast to Coast)
Blue Falcon and WonderDog
Thundarr the Barbarian
Any cartoon produced by Rankin/Bass studios (which has sadly bit the dust) and Goldbluth Studios(who used to make good movies before they got commercialized and turned all their good movies into crap)


I don’t remember all of the weird cartoons I used to watch when I was real young, but I remember being crazy about Adventures of the Little Koala (wah, I still miss this one!), Smurfs, and Wuzzles…there were a lot of others, but they were all pretty surreal and a little scary; for example, there was one where there were these little pillow-creatures and they lived in some kind of pillow-land, and they’d come and kidnap their little human friend, and one episode involved this evil witch and some evil berries…ugh, I still have nightmares about that.

When I got older, I was all about Ren & Stimpy–man, I hated my grandma for dragging me to church in the middle of it! Mighty Max is probably the best 90’s cartoon ever made; I used to get up an hour early just to watch it. (I actually found 4 DVDs of Mighty Max episodes for $35 by random and persistent web-crawling! If anybody’s interested, I still have the guy’s email.) Ninja Turtles was classic, of course, though admittedly I liked their toys better than the show. Then there’s Gargoyles, and that’s about it for the kiddie cartoons…I watched a lot of MTV in those days, and loved Beavis & Butt-head, Aeon Flux, and The Head. Ah, the good old days…when MTV was almost worth a shit. sigh

Sometimes I catch the old late '60s, '70s Hanna-Barbara cartoons on the Boomerang channel (a spinoff of Cartoon Network) and I have to wonder how some of you could stand those cartoons! They’re the most boring I have ever watched, espeically “Johnny Quest”! I take that back. The most boring cartoon I have ever sat through is “Sealab 2020”. Man, I hate Hanna-Barbara cartoons. The only one I can stand is “The Flintstones”. Barely. With cartoons like those, no wonder “Star Wars” made so much money.

Then again, I’m one to talk. I grew up in the '80s and '90s (born 1982). I grew up on cartoons like “My Little Pony”, “Rainbow Brite”, “Inspector Gadget”. '90s cartoons like “The Simpsons”, “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, and “Animaniacs”. I’m sure a lot of you '70s children think those are boring and crap. It’s all perspective. :smiley:


Oh, yeah. I was too old for the show, but, man, I loved it. I’d be late for work watching it. I have never tried to find it, though.

I never could stand Hanna-Barbera. Even as a kid I thought they sucked, with the exception of Scooby-Doo. I watch them on Boomerang now and they still suck.

IDBB, if you get Boomerang, they show Thundarr on Sunday afternoon or evening. I often watch it Mon. morning while getting dressed for work. But only Mondays, every other day they have been showing Popeye, which I hate with a passion.

I do like anime. I have always preferred it to American cartoons with a few exceptions.

She-Ra, Jem, Rainbow Brite, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony are my total favorites. I haven’t seen any episodes of any of those shows in many, many years. I remember being very upset in kindergarten bcause an episode of Strawberry Shortcake called “the Baby With No Name” was going to be on and I HAD to watch it. I forgot what day it was on, went to play at a friend’s house, and missed it. To this day I’ve never seen it and still hope to.

The cartoons on today don’t seem that great. Even my kids seem very bored watching them. However when they catch the classic (Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Tom & jerry) ones, they pay close attention. They also like the Care Bears (which as a kid I couldn’t stand and I’m sad they have the movies easy to get but the cartoons I liked are lost into the mist.)

I like anime, my favorite is Trigun. I even like the P-word. That one, in fact, would have to win it for my favorite kids cartoon currently on the air.

I really miss Dangermouse.

Never could get into He-man though. It was popular when I was in college but all the scenes where the main characters looked at each other and said “Ha ha ha ha” just left me cold.

But hey, obviously I have no taste.

They have been replaced by sorry artists like The Simpson’s, King of the Hill and Futurama.

What is your favorite cartoon? What cartoon do you really feel insults your intelligence?

Two of the aforementioned shows actually ARE my favorite cartoons. So the answer to your question is “my favorite show is on the air, as it has been for about 14 years, and will be - I hope - for a long time to come. I’ve been a fan since seventh or eighth grade, and it’ll be on after I graduate college. Helps me get through the week.”

As for my other favorites, let’s see…

[li]Futurama, which I found very amusing and astounding from an artistic point of view, is gone before its time and in reruns on Cartoon Network (though they’ve yanked it from Adult Swim, so I don’t know when it’ll be on) and TBS.[/li][li]The Critic, which I thought was a GREAT show, lasted only two years (one on Fox, one on ABC). It’s been on Comedy Central for years, where I’m apparently the only one who appreciates it, but I’ve probably seen every episode. Talk about a show that deserved another chance.[/li][li]Danger Mouse, which had a good run (I liked it very much when I was younger), continues to hold that status. You can probably buy it on DVD or something. I see that the same people were responsible for Count Duckula, which I also liked a lot.[/li][li]Rocky and Bullwinkle was recently made into what I’m told was an awful movie, but it’s still a funny and influential show. I think it airs on Nick or Cartoon Network sometimes; I’d watch if I knew when.[/li][li]Family Guy, of course, was cancelled, then brought back, then put on hiatus, then cancelled. Maybe not in that order, and that cycle probably repeated at least a few more times, but it was roughly like that. It’s on Adult Swim now, where it continues to confuse.[/list][/li]
I never got into King of the Hill to the same extent, but I think it’s a well-done show that’s more comparable to live-action family sitcoms. It’s got a very strong emotional core - somebody once called it “the most human show on television.” And it actually is funny in a very honest way when it wants to be.[list]

Looking through here, I’m being reminded of some other faves: The Tick, Freakazoid, Pinky and the Brain. Good shows all. The stuff that insults to my intelligence are the shows that are designed to sell a product or toy, and some of the dumber anime shows out there (although my experience is that even the worst ones are usually better in Japanese).

I’m not sure whether Isabelle is being serious or not, but I think your favorites are always the ones you grow up with. Anime hit later, and partially for that reason - also because some of the shows are all flash and no substance, or just stupid - there’s only one I’d say I love (Tenchi Muyo!).
I watched a lot of the cartoons being talked about here. When I was young, I never disliked a TV show (who did?), but looking back, you think “some of those were NOT so good.” The Hanna-Barbera shows have a place in history, but come on, they were unbelievably repetitive for the most part (perhaps because they recycled the drawings like crazy). Some of the knockoffs were pretty damn bad.
To each his own, really, but knock my taste and I’ll knock yours. :wink: Nah. Seriously, this is a cool thread, it’s interesting to see how many of us dig the same shows.

Favorite cartoon: Classic Dexter - Oh man, Tarty was at his best. Everything was so inspired. That show could do anything. Ninja paperboys, omelette du fromage, crazy yanitors.
Favorite cartoon still making new episodes: X-Men: Evolution
Least favorite cartoon on right now: Rugrats - It went from one of the better cartoons to a schmoopy schmoopy googooey goo fest. Dill and Kimi absolutely ruined the show. They dumbed it down so much it’s disgusting to watch now. And not just because it used to be so fun and amusing (Chuckie making “Heart of Darkness” references), it’s because it is now a truely awful show.
All-time least favorite cartoon: I suppose it could be any of the cutsey 80s cartoons but I’ll place “The Carebears” on top for now. Or maybe I should go with “Captain Planet.” Or how about those Carebear ripoffs who lived in a park … Yes! I forgot their name. Ehhhh, they all suck so mightily even Superman would be crushed under the heal of their suckitude.

What, no mention of the Hasbro twins, Transformers or G.I. Joe?

You people need help. :wink: