Help me find music for my daughter's ice skating program

My daughter is 9 - she skates at the Preliminary level (if that means anything to you). Her free skate program lasts between 1m30s and 1m40s. Instrumental only; ideally the music should have a tempo change, so splicing is typical.

I’m aiming for something non-standard for skating - I’d rather not use show tunes, movie soundtracks, pop instrumentals, etc. My current thought is the instrumental parts from ELO’s “Rockaria”, but I’d love to hear anyone else’s ideas. Thanks!

How long/short does she need? :confused: EDIT: Nevermind, how did I miss that! :smack: Would Enya’s Epona be too long?

Failing Enya’s Epona, Circa Paleo’s Drew Drusnaar might work. The first minute thirty five seconds, at least? (First link is to their site, the second link is to the Amazon digital album page which has a sound sample.) Editing again: Meant to add, it isn’t so much the music’s time shifts so much as there are different rhythmns to follow, so she could still change pace. :wink:

Edge of Seventeen by Stevie Nicks? Fun to skate to when I used to go to the rink. :slight_smile:

Faith No More ‘Woodpecker From Mars’
lots of energy, changes, it’s long but could be cut down

Apocalyptica has some really good dramatic instrumental tunes. Path Vol. 2 is my favorite song of theirs. is a streaming radio, you can pick some stations that are like what you’re looking for. They provide complete information (including ability to buy) for each song as it plays.

There is a wealth of 1980s synth bands - Yello, Tangerine Dream…that sort of thing. Setting up Pandora to play those should result in something interesting…

I love “Song for Dot” by Space Raiders. It does have some “lyrics”

The Jonny Quest theme. I think there are versions that are about the length you need. (The cover by the Reverend Horton Heat is a personal favorite.)

May not have as much of a tempo change as you need. It would be exhausting, though; anybody who can keep up with that song for a minute-and-a-half deserves a medal.

Holy Crap…This just might be right up the alley for Alan Parsons Project!

Chop up at your leisure:

“The Ace of Swords” - Has three or four tempo changes in a 3 minute instrumental…chop it the way you see fit.

The last two minutes of “Turn of a Friendly Card, pt. 2”

Also, check the whole video…there are other instrumentals wrapped inside songs with some lyrics.

“The Gold Bug” - Think Spaghetti Western here until the keyboards show up.

“Lucifer” - go :50 in…another Spaghetti Western hijacked by keyboards.

“Pipeline” - about as Jazzy as APP gets.

“Mammagamma” - Pretty much the Flagship Song for the Electronica genre.

“In the Lap of the Gods” - First 3:20 of the song is dramatic, last half more up tempo.

“Time Machine” - Moderate beat.

“I Robot” - Funkified Keyboards about 1:00 in.

“A Dream within a Dream” - After the first 1:00 (Orson Wells Narration), the song starts slowly and builds to a strong finish…it’s the prelude to “The Raven” with the same bass beat.

“Pavane” - Part of the “Fall from the House of Usher” song…this might be good for technical pieces in a program.

Where’s the Walrus?" - Very UP TEMPO instrumental

“Breakaway” - Keyboard Beat, Heavy Sax…great beat…maybe too fast later in the song.

And this song is the one I think will be done by a pro/olympic skater one day…maybe your daughter will be that skater: “Paseo de Gracia” - a great dramatic piece with excellent spanish guitar

Yeah, and I guess you can use this overused song… “Sirius”

I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more…but there is a lot to chew on here.

Frank Zappa had many amazing instrumentals, some very jazzy. Not certain off the top of my head about tempo changes, but I strongly suggest checking them out.

The 1:30m limit makes this tough.

I suggest checking out the Dixie Dregs and/or Sea Level. Classic 70s jazz/rock. The former’s “Odyssey” or the latter’s “Storm Warning” are my top recommendeds. They have some great, even dramatic change-of-pace parts to the songs, though both are over your time limit.

Waltz for the Moon