Help me find some art for my wall!

So the spouse and I have finally decided to redo our living room and make it look more like a grownup space and less like a storage facility for random oversized furniture and junk. To this end, we’ve had the carpet ripped out and replaced with oak laminate flooring, had the walls painted (main color, kind of a pale butterscotch/latte, accent wall is melon) and removed most of the furniture (all that will be left in the room when we’re done is two leather chairs, two bookcase units, one of which is a room divider, my electronic drumkit, two lamps, and a steamer trunk/occasional table).

So now we need to put things on the walls. I got rid of the old Ansel Adams print I bought at a garage sale like 20 years ago (it was nice, but I’m getting tired of looking at it), but we’re keeping our Chat Noirprint. I’m kind of trying to go with a bit of an art deco/dieselpunk scheme with the other art, so I added thisand this, both of which look quite nice with our color scheme.

But that leaves me with one more wall to fill up. I don’t want to use another large print–I think to balance things out, it would look nicer with two to four small prints arranged in a grouping. But I haven’t had any luck finding anything that will look good. I’ve thought about getting some photograph prints from one of my favorite websites, Opacity(urban exploration site with amazing photos) but the guy’s writeup says he’s really slow to respond to emails and he’s right! I want to finish the room, so I’m hoping maybe the vast cosmic power of the Dope might be able to help me.

What I’m looking for:

  • A group of small prints, either related or at least look good together.
  • Preferably something dieselpunk/steampunk/art-deco style, but anything that looks good with that would be fine.
  • Not too colorful - something with subtle reds or oranges or just a little bit of some other color would be great, but a lot of color would look bad in this room.
  • Abstract is okay if it looks cool and goes with the color scheme.
  • Both the spouse and I prefer more masculine-style decor, so nothing too feminine (no art-deco flowers, etc. Machinery is great!)
  • The wall in question is not large–the space to fill is probably around 4’ x 3’ total. It’s one of the butterscotch/latte walls, not the accent one.
  • When I showed the “Integrity” print to my friend, he said, “That looks like it’s from Bioshock!” He has a point. If it looks like it would fit into Bioshock, it’s probably what I’m looking for. :smiley:

So, any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!


Ooh, thanks. I quite like the tall skinny “Metropolis” print. That might look okay as a single piece on that wall.

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Actually, this might be the fastest one of these threads ever got results! I just ordered the Metropolis print. More suggestions for small ones still wouldn’t go awry, though–I have a couple more places I can still potentially put stuff on the wall. Thanks, Ellen Cherry!

Where do you live? If there’s some sort of Art Center nearby, they often have nice art available cheap. (The Art Center near us, northern Chicago suburbs, has a “Recycled Art Sale” in August – people donate art they don’t want, others buy them cheap, and the proceeds go for the non-profit org.) - a site for handmade items sold by the artists/artisans

Search = steampunk print

Hope you find something you like. would be a good place to start.