Help me find this Anime series

I had a netflix account once and used it to rent anime. Several years ago I found a series that I liked, but never got to watch all of em. If I remember correctly there were several seasons.

I could have sworn it had something to do with Angel Cyborgs or just Angels, but the ones I can find (Angel Sanctuary…nope, Angelic Layer… nope, Battle Angel…nope) are all wrong. From my memory there was a boy in a castle or fortress of some sort and it seemed the series was sort of in the medieval times or something, but could be futuristic. For some reason I was thinking the father made her to protect the boy, but I am wondering if I am confusing my memories and conflating it with the Anime called Cultural All-purpose girl Nuku Nuku (or something similar).

I don’t think I am, but for some reason I do remember there was a bit of boobage, and I am not entirely sure it was a cyborg, it could have been a real angel or something.

I can’t find it, and it is bugging me now.

Sheesh. You’ve listed just about every single anime cliche in the book. Seriously, I think the only one you missed was “schoolgirl”. I think you’re going to have to narrow it down a little.

Are the “angels” the enemy?

If so up until the medieval times part, you could have been talking about Neon Genesis Evangelion, it still could be, maybe, but that definitely takes place in the future.

The only Anime with angels I can think of, that you haven’t mentioned, is Haibane Renmei.

The first thing I thought of when you said castles and cyborgs was Saber Marionette, although I think the girls are actually androids. I believe there are several episodes in the series. It was a strange cross between sci fi and fantasy. The girls are called marionettes rather than Angels but I thought it had a lot of simularities to Steel Angel Karumi.
Check it out if you like Angel type anime.

There are definitely a lot of shows with the elements you are remembering. Two that come to mind as being thematically similar, though there are a lot of differences, are Ah My Goddess and Vision of Escaflowne . But those may not be what you are thinking of.

Can you remember any more details?

I think it was Steel Angel Karumi, thanks! All the other stuff sounds great in this thread though.

Steel Angel Kurumi is set in the early 20th century, though the angel technology is way beyond that era, or even ours. And the “angels” are not spiritual beings, but robots/androids in the shape of young women – a very common anime theme. And the central character is a teenage boy, who gets surrounded by these steel angels who (mostly) look after and protect him, so that it has the harem theme as well.

Your description immediately made me think of Vision of Escaflowne, except it also has a psychic girl in it.