Help me find this as a poster(if possible)/other art suggestions

I am going nuts. In the January Scientific American they have pictures from the Nikon ‘Small World’ photo competition. There is one in particular that I REALLY want, preferably as a decent sized poster.

The picture is the trachea of a silkworm taken by Ian C. Walker of Huddersfield, England. It is a really neat picture but I cannot find a place to buy a copy. I’ve tried and the Nikon site. I tried to google for it but cannot find it.

Anyone got any ideas?

I am also looking for more art for my place. I’d like to find science art. The only places I have found so far have either star/supernova/galaxy posters or biology stuff(ick!). Are there any places to buy science based art that goes beyond stars/anatomy posters?


Well has some architecture posters you may find interesting. But no closeups of bugs.

Actually they do have a section on insects, but it looks like most of them are not scientific in nature.

You might try I know they have Walker’s photo online, but I don’t see anything about obtaining posters. There might be some contact info somewhere on that site.

I saw some really neat photos of the type you describe at (hang on, let me google this) the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Chicago. Checking their website, though, it looks as though the exhibits are changed fairly frequently, so they might not have them anymore :frowning: You might write them and see, though.

I also found this, which has links to the Small World galleries.

Finally, have you considered contacting science museums or schools that specialize in non-biology sciences? Maybe a botany program or environmental science or whatever they call insect studies… entymology? (I get that and “etymology” confused, so do NOT mock me if I got it wrong!)

Found your silkworm trachea here.

Clicking on the image brings up a larger version, so maybe you can save the image on your computer and get a copy made at Kinko’s?

Do you have a science/natural history museum in your area? If you do, check out the gift shop there–they might have something you’d like.

Another possibility–I teach science and we order lab supplies and sometimes science-related posters through companies like Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories, Sargent-Welch, Flinn Scientific, and Carolina. Many of them are classroom-oriented with text and diagrams on the picture, and that’s probably not what you want. But some just have a picture or artful illustration that might be up your alley. You can find websites for those companies easily with a Google search and then just do a search on ‘poster’ from their home page and browse from there.