Help me find this comic that is *not* an xkcd?

The one I am hunting for is…there’s these two girls, in an office setting. One is pointing something out to the other on a computer screen. The one standing behind suddenly says something like “Is that a Elven Ring, the one Galadriel wears in LOTR?”
And the first girl says “Uh…yeah, I, uh, thought it was pretty.”
And the standing-up one hugs her and says “A fellow nerd!”

I’ve looked through the whole archives and can’t find it and yet I’m convinced someone linked to it right here on the boards. i was positive it was xkcd and now I’m not as positive simply because I can’t find it. I want to print it out and post it on my wall, surrounded as I am by a whole bunch of total non-nerds here at the office.

I was just recently directed to xkcd and have read through the entire archive. That one doesn’t sound familiar. Hope you do find it though.

That one’s not xkcd.

I don’t recall which it was exactly, but I remember seeing it. It wasn’t stick figures, which is how I remember it wasn’t xkcd.

Yes, I was just coming back to say I’ve been through the whole archive (what can I say, slow day?) and it’s not in there.

I want!

My Google-Fu is strong today: Home On The Strange

Oh, you are a sweetheart. I don’t know how I ever got that confused with xkcd, though. I am strange. :confused:

It’s a very xkcd sort of comic. Not so strange.