Please decipher this xkcd

I love this strip but this time I just don’t get it. He doesn’t date them but I think this is from last year.

It’s a rewriting of the opening from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe. When Lucy sees that the wardrobe opens into another world, instead of just running in, she shows a little prudence and sends a probe like in Stargate.

The hovertext often helps with interpretation. In this case, it would’ve at least clued you in to the references.

Cue twenty people coming in and saying they didn’t know xkcd has a mouseover text for all the comics.

Not before 12 of them ask what “mouseover text” is. :slight_smile:

That’s ok, folks. Ask away. Fighting Ignorance is what they do here.

The mouseover texts are often the best part. I used to save xkcd’s, but I wouldn’t get the mouseovers, so I started doing screen grabs (cmd-shift-3 on a mac*) with my cursor hovering over a non-critical part of the comic.

More Ignorance Fought… and Trounced.

*or cmd-shift-4–you’ll get “Hunting Bambi’s Mom” crosshairs, then marquee (“frame”) the section of the screen you want to “grab”.

I don’t get today’s.

Not entirely certain, but I think it refers to bloggers seeming to focus on extraneous stuff instead of producing good content.

It wasn’t very well carried out though. Which is more and more often the case.

Aah, thanks a lot. At last some xkcd (and nerd-) bashing. Refreshing.

Or you could save the HTML, save the strip, then edit html to have just the img tag and replace the path with where you actually save the strip. It takes a little longer than doing a screen capture but you preserve the original presentation.

Amazing that someone has that much time on his hands.

Dear God, you can say that again CookingWithGas. Some people seem to really, really, really, really hate nerds and nerd humour so much that they’re reserving time in their daily life to mock them. I don’t understand it, but hey, what do I know about non-nerds?

I can’t think anything more nerd humor than picking at nerds and nerd humor. Nerdishly.

It’s like a blog version of a slapfight.

Seriously. Metahumor is about as nerdy as you can get. And I never metahumor I didn’t like.

That’s a very sanguine outlook on life.

I also like to check the forum thread for that day’s comic. For updates like the one this past April Fool’s, it absolutely clued me into some things I otherwise wouldn’t have known about.

I don’t know. They are analysing the humour, like you would read a movie review or similar. Thinking about what could be improved and thoughts about how humor works. It seems far more a waste of time to me, to just write opinions on a message board. (Like I do.)

It’s best to just remain phlegmatic about this sort of thing.