Help me find this Grant Geissman tune

Grant Geissman is a jazz/crossover guitarist. I turned on the Jazz station on FiOS earlier this week and heard a jazz blues with guitar/piano/bass/drums. Fairly traditional jazz blues, but I heard some things in there I would like to learn. But all I managed to get was the leader’s name (Geissman), not the name of the tune or album.

Anybody familiar with his work who could tell me an album he did with that configuration? I went through a bunch of his albums on Amazon but none of them seemed to fit. I did not take the time to sample every single song.

No clue. However, I did a search and found this link featuring that instrumentation, and a flute, live:

Sounds good!

Are you sure there wasn’t a saxophone in their somewhere? Almost all of Geissman’s groups have a sax in there somewhere; it’s like a rule of smooth jazz.

WordMan, thanks 1M! I am not sure it’s the same tune but I’ll check out the studio version from the album.

Bo, there could have been. I don’t remember. I had the TV on while I was getting dressed this morning and I remember thinking, “Wow, I like the way the guitarist is comping during the pianist’s solo.” And I also heard some really hip chord substitutions. But I was kind of preoccupied with getting out the door to work.

I’m playing in a quartet right now where I am having a lot of collisions with the piano player, because he plays like he’s the only one in the band.

Most of his stuff from 1990 onward (after hw signed with Blue Note) is pretty good, so if you want to get acquainted with him, go ahead and start with Take Another Look. It’s a bit twee in that way that only smooth jazz can be but it’s also polished and bouncy somehow.

My favorites are Rustic Technology and In With the Out Crowd, both of which are a bit edgier than his normal output.

Thanks. I had never heard of him before this. I am not a smooth jazz fan, though, and didn’t realize that was his main body of work. (My wife’s favorite jazz musician is Kenny G. I don’t know how we’re still married. :wink: )