Help me find this obscure video w/Carrie Fisher

I call upon the vast parallel-processing capability of the SMDB!

I’m looking for the name, and any pertinent information of a video I saw in the late '80s or early '90s. It was (possibly) on POV. Starred Carrie Fisher who ends up getting sucked into a TV and going to “Starving Children’s Land”.

Not in her IMDB credits, and my Google-Fu has failed me on this one.

Are you sure it was that late? In the early 1970s she was on a satirical TV show called Groove Tube and that sounds kind of like one of the zany sketches they might have done.

I sure it was later than this - she was an adult in the video (so definitely post Star Wars).
This has been bugging me for quite a while.
Thanks for the help, though.

Have I stumped the SDMB?
Say it ain’t so…

Is it possible it was a sketch from The New Show? It was an 80s Saturday Night Live clone and I remember her hosting an episode of that. The only part I remember is that she donned a bikini in a sketch.

I think Groove Tube was a movie.

Oooh… That’s a good lead.

There’s almost no information on “The New Show” on the Intarnets, but maybe I can find a plot summary somewhere. The episode she was in was called “Prank Call”, but that doesn’t sound like what I’m looking for.

I took the liberty of posting your question on the IMDb message board. One of the experts posited that your video might be Trying Times episode ‘Hunger Chic’. Here is a description.

How close does that sound?


Thank You!