Help me find this old book of comic books?

Hello, I’m looking for a pretty old compilation book thing of comic books. As far as I can remember most, if not all, were Donald Duck comics. I also remember it being old, old enough to have translucent yellowed pages and marbling on the inside covers, and was hardback and (possibly, my memory might fail me yet) cloth bound in dark cloth, with (MAYBE) golden-ish lettering on the spine. Bear in mind I last saw the book when I was 7-8ish when I used to live on sub-continent.
The illustrations themselves were in good condition and were nicely coloured.

I can only remember two story lines from the book - one in which donald hears a hurricane warning over his radio, and tears up scrooge’s expensive new bamboo furniture to cover the windows with the bamboo pieces to protect the house, and in the other donald goes fishing with his three children, he brandishes a shiny new (carbon?) fishing rod and tries to get a big catch, but his children beat him to it by using a burger as bait on a big hook attached to a length of rope, and catch a big fish.

I’d be very grateful if any of you could tell me if this book had a name or any other information on it.

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Well, Uncle Scrooge didn’t appear in comics until Dec. 1947, so that’s one time marker.

This may help: it’s a site that shows old Donald Duck comic book covers.

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This one is probably going to be tough. Disney licensed the heck out of their comics to non-US publishers, and collectors haven’t collated information on everything that’s out there. Your mention of “sub-continent” makes me think that you’re talking about a non-US book, though correct me if I’m wrong. Knowing what country you were in, or if you remember what country the book was published in, may help things.

If it’s not the specific book that you’re looking for so much as the specific Duck stories, the currently-going multi-volume Complete Carl Barks Library will, eventually, more than likely reprint virtually all of the Duck stories you remember. Carl Barks was the premier Donald Duck/Uncle Scrooge writer and artist from 1942 to 1966. The Library, which should hit 30 volumes, is currently only about a third of the way through its plan. Expensive, but worth it.

Holy crap, they’re doing a complete Carl Barks in English? Hot damn! Howcome nobody tells me these things. This is the best news I’ve had all day.
Course, it is 0430.

I erred when I said the Library project was a third of the way through… it’s a sixth of the way through. Only five volumes released so far (out of order, with the volumes expected to be most popular done first). With ~25 more volumes to go, and their publishing schedule of two voumes a year, we’ll see a complete set in 2025/2026. Jesus. Even longer than the 12 year publishing schedule for the Complete Peanuts (set to wrap up in 2016).

Complete Barks libraries with black/white or with “modern color” were released in years past, though are out of print. If you need all the Barks immediately, look on eBay, et al., for Carl Barks Library from Another Rainbow or Carl Barks Library in Color by Gladstone Publishing.

Right now I’m working my way through the french language La Dynastie Donald Duck. My french is still terrible, but I’m learning useful words like frog-man and skywriter

By sub-continent, I meant when I used to live in India (now I live in the UK). The library sound interesting, I’ll look into that :slight_smile:

Not knowing how old you are now, it might help to know the approximate year.

You might find it in one of the Galleries at the Grand Comics Database.

I was 8 in 1998, so that helps pin down a date

It might, actually.

Here’s a hardcover collection of Donald Duck stories that was published in 1978:

And here’s another from 1983:

This book, from 1981, is the first one that I though of when I read your post. But it only has one Donald Duck story:

If you remember this from India, there may be a chance that this was just a bunch of different comic books bound together into one by the local binding guy. I myself have bought several such books, and know that it used to be a common practice. The only thing that suggests you’re talking about something different is the lettering on the spine that you remember - locally bound books have no such lettering.

Inducks is the most complete database of Disney comics available on the Internet. I did a search for stories featuring Donald with the keyword “hurricane” – don’t know if the story you’re thinking of is one of them. The list of stories involving Donald, the nephews, and fishing is much longer – good luck with that!