Help me find this song from my childhood

Chances are no one here is going to be able to help me. There used to be this kid’s radio station in the St. Louis area called the Imagination Station. They used to play this song that I’ve been trying to locate for years. I remember several verses word for word. Here they are:

Dad, I’m too full to eat my beans
You’re too full, what does that mean?


That’s what I can remember… If you didn’t figure it out, each verse was a conversation between a kid and an adult. There was another one with a girl who didn’t want to go see a monster movie and her mom made her and maybe one more…

I really want to find a copy of this song. No one who remembers it knows who did it. My dad and I still sing the first verse back and forth to each other on occassion, as it is a perfect replica of some of our dinnertime arguments. Silly, I know, but if you know who did this song, please let me know so I can fill in my collection of songs that I used to hear on this station.
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Well google didn’t turn anything up, so, sorry I can’t find it for you. If I might make a suggestion though, it would be for you to let people know exactly when you were a child in the St. Louis area.

Good luck.

Oh, good idea… It was the early 90’s when the station was in full force. So it’s not that old. I’m only 20.

Is the station still around? Or is there any other kid-themed station you could call or email?

Unfortunately, the station is long gone… it didn’t last long. The only kids station around now (if it’s even still around) is an AM Disney station, and I really doubt that they’d know it. They probably play exclusively Disney stuff. O
ve had a hard enough time finding people in the area that even remember the song… the search goes on…

The song is named Logical, and it is by Peter Alsop. It is currently available from

Thank you so much! sigh The search has come to an end.