Help me find this t-shirt (Edgar Allan Poe Raven Face)

Today on GeedDad they have a post about cool, geeky t-shirts. One of them is this one.

I. Want. This. Shirt.

Problem is, the post doesn’t say where you can get it. It says “image courtesy of shirt.woot”, but shirt.woot only sells one t-shirt a day, and today’s is a random shirt. Googling Edgar Allan Poe Raven Face T Shirt found this, which is kind of cool, but not quite the same.

Anyone know where I can get this shirt?

Go here. $15.

SuperAbe, you rock.

This is also a good Poe shirt at woot.

If I was willing to spend more than $30 for a t-shirt, I’d get this one. And I’ve wanted this one for a while too.

I love! I buy so many tshirts from them it’s insane. You can see all the shirts they have available on the reckoning page.

Here’s another Poe shirt.

I think I’ve seen that before.

It looks like they misspelled “silken” as “sliken” but I can’t be sure.

Yes, I notice things like that. :o