Help me get justice against Microsoft! (cheating registration)

I did the right thing, and now Microsoft is trying to screw me! Help me cheat them!

  1. I bought a legit copy of Frontpage last year, and installed it on my computer at college. (No comments–I like Frontpage! So there… :p)
  2. I registered it in my name via internet.
  3. After graduation, I gave my computer to my mother, who formatted the hard drive.
  4. I tried to install Frontpage on my new laptop, and it refused to register it, saying that it was already registered on another computer.
  5. I phoned Microsoft, explaining the situation, and asking for a license transfer. Their response: I must re-install Frontpage on my old computer, DE-install it and de-register it, then RE-install it to my laptop for registration. What the hell?

My mother (and my old computer) are in New Hampshire. I am in Chicago. I refuse to spend the postage necessary to ship my CD back and forth, and I hate being punished for not pirating the damn software! Can anyone give me advice on how to cheat the registration on my laptop? Thanks kindly!

All SW I ever istalled (legit or not) works perfectly without registration. What is Frontpage and why do you need to register it? M$ is free to sell whatever and set up the rules for it. You were not prohibited to get acquinted with the rules before purchase. Now you may have to pay whatever to learn that the live sucks and nothing comes for free.

You could learn HTML and JavaScript. Then you won’t even need frontpage anymore.

psst, Akash, a word to the wise–the moderator in this forum has some peculiar ideas about threads that start out, “help me cheat so-and-so”. Just so’s you know… :wink:

Just because Microsnot sets a policy in their Software Agreement doesn’t necessarily make it right, or even legal. For instance, they have the right to say “If you use this software to create disparaging documents about Microsoft, your license is summarily revoked.” And if that sounds extreme, read


This sounds wrong, somehow. The CD can’t know that the software is installed to another computer–you can’t write to a CD-ROM to inform it that something has been installed. Is there another disk or something that you’re using to install FrontPage, as well as the CD?

Or… wait. MS is just refusing the web registration or something? Is that the case? In that case, comb through the EULA. If they won’t transfer the registration, you may well have a legal case against them.



Exactly how is Microsoft trying to screw you? they are telling you how to re-register your license properly and legally. Just because the computer is not in your vacinity is not MS problem. I think people like you who have this idea that companies such as Microsoft are “out to screw me” are fairly naive. If they gave out dup licenses to everyone that called in and said “whoa is me, Im to lazy to properly uninstall the software and re-register…” They would have to eventually raise prices on the software to cover the huge amount of fraud that goes with people trying to Pirate software licenses. Microsoft is trying very hard to keep prices on all of there software reasonable enough so that everyone can use it.

Now It sucks that you have to go to the hassle of uninstalling the software on the first computer so that you can re-register it on your new computer, but it clearly states this in the registration print on all MS software.

I’m sure if you went to the trouble of creating a product that you wanted people to use and enjoy that you would like to be paid for such product.

From the user profile of Dawg144:

Interests:Aquiring as much money as humanly possible.

Would anyone care to guess where Dawg144 works?

Yes I do work at MS, but I would say the same statements I stated apply to any software company, I will admit that I have copied a cd or two of “shareware” myself but the OP was stating that he thought that MS was somehow screwing him. This statement is innacurate, MS is not trying to cheat him of anything the EULA policy is a standard agreement and unfortunetely he has to uninstall the software and then reinstall to re-register. Yes it is a pain in the ass but Software companies cannot just churn out Duplicate licenses due to the increases liablilty of fraud.

I motion for an overthrow of the entire executive board, and the demotion of anyone at Microsoft who had anything to do with the policy. I would help with the revolution AkashJ, but I hear Gates just hired himself a bunch of mercenaries to combat such an uprising.

Granted that the OP does not intend to take unfair advantage of Microsoft, and granted that Microsoft’s corporate policies might be less than fair or convenient. However, the information for which the OP is asking would be primarily useful for purposes of breaking the law, and we can’t have anything on this site whose primary purpose would be to facilitate piracy. I’m closing this thread; if anyone has advice for AkashJ’s specific situation, take it to e-mail.