Help me go wireless

I’m moving sometime soon and I’m not quite sure how I’m going to have my entertainment set-up going in the new apartment. I think it’d be much easier for us if, instead of my normal broadband router, I went wireless with my PS2. Thing is that I have no idea what I’ll need for that. Do I need both a wireless router AND a gaming adaptor? That’s pretty pricey and might make me rethink the situation.

Any gurus want to give me advice? Brand and model names are welcome, as well. Previous experiences and advice are also quite welcome.

We’ve got wireless, but will soon be going back to good old fashioned ethernet. Damn thing dies every time someone uses the microwave, mysteriously for no apparent reason or because it’s too hot. I’m seriously resetting thr router several times a day. We are using unbranded crap however.

Yes, I believe that’s right, and yes, it’s pricey. The PS2 wireless adapters are bridges, with an antenna on one end and an Ethernet connector on the other. A better solution, if it’ll work in the new apartment, might be to put your cable/DSL modem in the same room as the PS2, then use a wireless broadband router to provide internet access to the other rooms.

That’s how I have my place set up: cable modem and wireless router are in the living room (I had no choice, since there’s only one cable outlet). PS2, Xbox, and TiVo are also in the living room, with direct wired connections to the router. My PC is in another room and connects with a wireless PCI card.

You could also use your PC as a bridge instead of buying one. Install a wireless card (under $30), hook the PS2 up to the PC’s Ethernet port with a crossover cable, and bridge the two connections together. In Windows XP, you can just select both connections in the Network Connections folder, right-click one, and click “Bridge Connections”.