Everquest for PS2/DSL Question

I am considering getting into this game but don’t know how it works online. My TV and PS2 are downstairs but my computer is upstairs. How do I hook up my PS2 to the internet. I have a DSL line but I am not sure if I can only hook up through the line on my computer. I have these “splitters” on all my phone jacks but there is an actual box connected to my Thanks!!!

(should be) …connected to my computer. Thanks.

Sounds like it’d be a tad complicated for you. There’s several options:

  1. Wireless networking
  2. One long-ass cable from the computer room to the TV.
  3. Wire up the house (cables in the walls)

All of the options would involved setting up a router and possibly a switch to share the internet access from your DSL modem to the computer and the PS2.

Do you have any computer-nerd friends who could come by and give you an idea of what you’d need to do?

I got some good answers in this thread