Help me (harmlessly) prank my friend

The full backstory on this one is long and boring, but it bears some explanation, so here you go…my friend “B” and I both play the card game Magic: The Gathering. An inside joke in our MTG group is that the deity Chronatog Jesus (a Chronatog, but also, y’know, Jesus) controls the Magic players’ fates, and blesses or curses their every draw, coin flip, card opening, and die roll.

In recent months, Chronatog Jesus has blessed B with an inordinate number of the card Kemba, Kha Regent — every pack, box, or card lot he’d buy that could conceivably contain one has given him at least that many. It’s become a pattern of sorts. Well, over this past weekend, B was gone for a teaching conference in another state. During this time, Chronatog Jesus, who happens to have a key to B’s house, saw fit to bless him with over 200 more copies of Kemba…some hidden in obvious places, some he may well never find, and many more in between.

It seems to me that Kemba, Kha Regent is the gift that keeps on giving. Far be it from me, after all, to deter the will of our turn-eating overlord. And so, to ensure that the blessing continues, I turn to you.

If you’d like to help, send me a PM with your address. I’ll mail you a Khemba, Kha Regent card and $3 to cover costs, along with a PO box address where you can send it to B in the name of Chronatog Jesus. Add any flourishes you like — you’re Dopers, I wouldn’t try to rein in your creativity — and take as much time as you please; it’s funnier if he gets some now and more later. Trust me, he’ll still be finding them come Christmas.

Thanks to any who care to help, and may our scaled and toothy shepherd guide you. :slight_smile:

Good Lord, man, can’t you just short-sheet his bed?

PM sent. This sounds like fun. My aunt did something similar to my brother a couple of years ago for his 50th birthday. Starting a year before his 50th birthday, she sent him an anonymous home made birthday card every month with pictures of him at various ages. For example the first one had baby pictures, then pre-school age, on up through grade school and high school, when he first got married, etc.

Much of the rest of the family was in on the joke, and mailed the cards to friends around the country, who would then drop the anonymous birthday card in the mail on the appointed date, so that he was getting these cards with postmarks from all over the place. He had no clue who was sending these. Of course, the final card she gave him in person and explained to him how the whole thing went down.

PM sent.

I hope we get a good on-going story about this. Gonna need a lot of people participating, tho.