Help me help my Dad- Zeuss Virus Scam Page

Hi Everyone

I’m sure you all know that annoying scam where the popup tells you that they’ve detected the Zeuss virus, and you have to call Microsoft and give them all your money and credit cards… You know, where it spams new popups and you have to click the “don’t let this create aditional windows” box to kill it.

My father is running into these and freaking out. He texted me “urgently” and I excused myself from an important meeting the other day… I tried to explain to him how to deal with it (and that it’s not real) to no avail He’s not very computer savvy.

So he’s coming by today and I wanted to show him how to kill the popup, but now that I actually want to find one of these pages for training purposes and all I can find is pages telling me it’s a scam

Does anyone have a link to one of these? Perhaps in a spoiler box or a PM (not sure what the board rules about a link would be)


He should be savvy enough to unplug the computer. Then when it boots up, just tell him to ignore the offer to open closed pages.


Sure, but wouldn’t it be better to show him a quicker and simpler way?