Help me help my hair!

I’ve over processed (dye correction) my hair and it’s feeling a little dry and frizzy. What can I do to make it feel pretty again?

Ok, I know it’s foul, but if you can get over the initial ick factor- placenta. No, you don’t have to go steal it from someone who recently gave birth, but they actually package and sell it.

So, it’s not human placenta (Bunny, actually) and it’s mixed with some other stuff, but I’ve never had anything make my hair softer. I’ve had a few friends who have over processed their hair and when they used it, they went around telling everyone how great it is.

Wal-Mart has it, so does Sally’s, even drug stores tend to have it.

It comes in little sleeves like this and each will cost you about a dollar. Good luck!

This “Cholesterol” stuff really worked for me when I did exactly what you did.

Good stuff, but do you think it would’ve killed them to call it something a little less disgusting?

Mmmmmm, placenta and cholesterol. Coincidentally, also a great breakfast!

I think I just grossed myself out.

I’ll see if the Sally’s has 'em, thanks.

I was going to say Cholesterol treatment as well. Its very inexpensive, and if it can make my horse’s tail silky and shiny, your dry locks should be no trouble. :smiley:

I couldn’t find the cholesterol stuff at Sally’s. Or placenta, although I’ve seen it around somewhere. I’m exhausted and I’m not going to head out shopping this evening, but I’ll try to find them tomorrow after work.

Beer and honey: Warm the honey in the microwave – maybe a quarter to a half a cup – in a large rubberware/tuppermaid/whatever vessel with a sealing lid. Pour in a beer. Seal lid and shake. Wash your hair, using the honey and beer in place of shampoo. Leave it in for a while, then rinse with warm water.

I have personally bought “Cholestorol” treatments at Sally’s – its in the section for hair products for Black ladies. It comes in a tub.

I’ll have to look again.

As a veteran of the hair-dyeing experience, it really doesn’t take very long for my hair to feel fine again just using normal conditioner for colour-treated hair.

Gingy, let me know how it works. My hair has been terribly dry and frizzy lately, too.

Well, if all else fails, just have a baby, and there’s your placenta. :stuck_out_tongue: How’s that for some extreme hair treatment?

It makes perfect sense, but it’s one of the most odd hair treatments I’ve heard of. Full of nutrients, protein, but… just a little icky.


It’s great. Put it on before you shampoo, preferably in a nice warm place.

Then rinse off after about ten minutes, shampoo and condition as normal.

Holy crap. That’d mean I’d need to have my tubal ligation reversed first. NO THANKS. :eek:
I did pick up an ‘ion’ brand conditioner packet and left it in overnight, rinsed it out this morning. Seems ok, but we’ll see what it’s like after the next shampoo.

Lamaur Bone Marrow conditioner. I always recommend it for dried out hair, and have never had anyone come back to me complaining. It’s available at Sally, at least in little packets. Works great, even for hay-hair.

I’ve become a recent convert to John Frieda’s glossing stuff. I assume you’d want the one for red hair – it comes in both bright red and dark red. It makes my hair really soft (but not limp) and shiny. You’ll get a color boost from it, too, after using it a few times.

Placenta? Cholesterol? Buttermilk? EEEEW! Soon someone will suggest the hideous thing I was told years ago: mayonnaise. My hair smelled for days!

Fortunately for everyone, Burt’s Bees has stepped in with the magic hair-fixing product: Avocado Butter Hair Balm (or something like that). You put a bunch in your hair, run a bath, laze around for as long as you like, and when you rinse the stuff out your hair is much silkier and smoother.

And you can get it at Walgreens - no specialty stores required.

The Biolage Smooththerapie line of products is great, especially the Smoothing Conditioner (the second one down).

Also the Smoothing Shine Milk (second one down) is a great leave-in.

I have long, damaged, overprocessed hair and have tried everything! The aforementioned products are the best I have tried so far.

I use cholestorol too. You can find it in the ethnic hair care section of almost any drug or discount store. About once a week while you’re hanging around the house should do it.

The placenta smells like flowers and looks like conditioner. While it is placenta mixed with henna, it doesn’t look like placenta or anything at all. Hell, it’s even white.

Of course, you are more than welcome to spend $8 on 4 ounces of avocado product, but I’ll be spending 65 cents and my hair will be just as shiny, if not shinier. :smiley: