Help me I.D. or find info on this painting

I have a large, original oil painting that was given to me in the mid-70’s. I am trying to find out more about it. I posted on Opal’s site, with a link to two pictures of the painting - a full view and a close-up of the signature, which appears to be “DeMan.”
I googled DeMan, and all I could find was a Donald DeMan, who is an artist and writer. I sent an e-mail with the pix a year ago, but haven’t gotten anything back.
I like the painting and may keep it, or may try to sell on ebay. Any ideas of how I might find out more? (I’ve been to several sites that sell art work and didn’t find anything.) Here’s the link to the pix:

The link doesn’t seem to be working.

Sorry about that – let me try again:

My cousin was a prolific artist. I hope you are enjoying his work. gives more details of his death and life.

Linky #2 gets a “server not found” message

Well, it is 12 years old…

Okay, so that’s 12 years and a Daylate.