Help me I.D. this movie

friend saw this movie long ago and cannot find it or be certain of the title. He says a husband and wife are together, the woman goes out, and these two girls come over and hold him hostage, wrecking the house. The last scene is a video of them having sex with him is showing and the wife walks in the door, then it ends.

I vaguely remember that. Couldn’t tell you the title, although I sort of recall a scene of him digging in the garden.

Ha! My Google-fu is strong today: Knock Knock.

Is that it?

Heh, wiki describes it as an “erotic horror thriller”. I didn’t even know that was a genre.

The main “horror” being that it was a terrible movie. The “thrill” was that it eventually ended.

Does sound like Knock Knock. Yeah, the movie is a horror.