Help me identify yet another movie...

Okay I remember seeing this movie as a we lad.

It was on a movie channel around 20 years ago. It was a horror/suspense movie.

The premise was a teen girl was babysitting at a house with two kids upstairs. She then started getting weird phone calls.

The rest of the movie is a blur, but I remember the cops showing up (the kids were murdered and maybe even the babysitter) and saying that the phone calls were coming from an upstairs bedroom and the freak was in the house the whole time.

nybody have any clue what I’m talking about?


When a Stranger Calls

Sweet, that’s it!


McDeath_the_Mad, this is the police. We want you to remain calm, but you must get the kids and get out. ArchiveGuy typed that response FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!!!

Ok, Anamorphic, you’re going to get me into trouble by laughing too hard at work.