Help me ID a John Sandford "Prey" novel

Years ago, I was at a friend’s house in need of a book to read. She had borrowed a John Sandford “Prey” novel from the library and she suggested I could read that. I enjoyed the heck out of it but didn’t get to finish it. I’ve since read a lot of his books and I enjoy them, but I want to find THAT one again.

Here’s what I remember about it and think will make it stand out. There’s a sub-plot going on in the background with the lesser characters. Or maybe it’s just a weirdo case that’s going on and they’re just talking about it. It seemed the members of the church ladies gardening club were going to their doctors 2 or 3 days after their weekly meetings experiencing symptoms that the Drs thought were similar to heroin withdrawal. It turned out, the ladies had been enjoying a cup or 3 of tea during their meetings. The tea was “home made” from leaves, stems, and petals of the flowers they had grown. Garden club, remember? Well, one of the flowers that went into the concoction were poppies. I don’t know what part, but somehow the DEA got involved or there was talk about them.

So, anyone remember the name of this novel?

Secret Prey. (Link goes to Sandford’s official site for the book.) Members of the Mountbatten Garden Club are part of this “opium ring” that Davenport learns about. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

FYI, this is a very long running series and almost all of them are very good. Sandford has now pretty much given up the Prey series and moved onto another, with Davenport the head of a state investigative unit and a character named Virgil Flowers is now the main focus. This is a pretty good series too.

Oh yes. That Fucking Flowers. :smiley:

The nice thing about a Nook is you can carry a LOT of books around with you in a small gadget. The problem is you can lose track of what you’ve got in there.