Help me ID this military movie

This movie may have come out sometime around 10-20 years ago, but I’m not certain. I only saw the beginning.

It was a POW camp with US (or probably some WW2 allied nations) prisoners. There was a US soldier who was being crucified, or at least tied up on a post as punishment. I think it was a Japanese POW camp.

An imprisoned soldier goes over and frees the guy tied up. I don’t know if the war ended, or what exactly.

Thats all I remember.

And, Go.

Did you recognize any of the actors? That might help nail it down.

Nope. Sorry.

After doing some research, it may have been the movie The Great Raid (2005). But I really don’t know.

There’s something similar in the movie Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, set in a Japanese P.O.W. camp. A guy’s about to get executed with a sword when David Bowie steps out from the crowd, places himself in front of the executioner and kisses him, causing him to crumple in a heap. (youtube link)

This is the one I’m thinking of. It is about the rescue of a POW camp in the Philippines.

Was George Takei in it?

There a scene similar to this in Unbroken.

“To End All Wars” with Keifer Sutherland.