Help me ID this Sci-fi film

This is going to be along shot.

The only Fragment I have is the end of one scene.

There is for lack of better words, a jungle gym type device that recruits are climbing. The bars are different colors, and I think the colors indicated a change to the environment (Lights Noise or perhaps Weather) Despite all of this, the recruits are timed. An African American Female chracter climbs the contraption in a record time, and there is discussion about how “no female can beat that time” etc.

Possibly this could have been a tv series, but regardless, that is the only scene I can remember. If I had to date when I saw it, (note not when it was made) I would say 1985-90. Any help would be appreciated.

Sounds like the “Rumble Room” scene from Robot Jox

In the future the cold war is fought with giant robots. Questions of borders and treaties are settled in gladiatorial combat between mechs.

Nations have special breeding and training programs for the pilots of these robots.

The US program includes the Rumble Room. A giant jungle gym type thing leads to a hole in the ceiling. The room can be made to shake up to the equivalent of a 10 on the Richter scale. High pressure rain can be poured from the ceiling.

Thanks, I never knew the title, but your description just made something “click”. In fact there was a hole in the ceiling, I forgot to mention that. Now the only problem is, whats the availibility of this? The IMDB link shows no copies of it on any format.

Robot Jox is one of those films that tends to show up on HBO and other pay channels rather frequently. It has sexy women, fight scenes, and of course giant robots.

Plus the male lead, Gary Graham, went on to star in Fox’s Alien Nation television series. He currently has a recurring role as a Vulcan ambassador on Enterprise.

I’d suggest looking at SF conventions, or waiting for the Sci Fi Channel to have another killer robot marathon.

Amazon has used videotapes for sale.