Help Me ID This Song

I was listening to it in a store randomly yesterday. It was done by a male singer and sounded vaguely “indie.” The only lyric I remember is something like, “Right now, [something something], someday we’ll laugh about it.” Sorry for the vagueness.

The only song I can find with the lyrics “now” & “someday we’ll laugh about it” is by Krezip and there’s no way you could mistake the singer for a guy :frowning:

Hey There Delilah?

Sorry…that’s not it. This song has more of a harder, rock feel to it.

Removed suggestion, couldn’t get lyrics to match.

Every Other Time, by LFO?

Not it either. Sorry, you guys. These hints are pretty vague, I know…Maybe it’s unfindable?

Searching for the keywords “right now” +“laugh about” on yeilds 4 results.

  1. Trophy Scars - Chapter One: How To Fail Yourself
  2. Brie Larson - Shoebox
  3. Good Charlotte - Say Anything
  4. Swingin` Utters - Sign In A Window

#2 is a female singer so you can rule that one out. How about the other 3?