Help me identify a spider, sight unseen

…hairy legs and all!

He lives in a crevice behind a china cabinet. He’s got a gigantic web that is not the classic concentric circle kind at all. It is superfine gossamer, it looks like a puff of smoke; and even then, only at the right angle in the right light.

He hides in the crevice with maybe the tips of two hairy legs barely protruding. (He is kind of brown/black with strong muscular legs.) Anyway, when one of the plague of tiny kitchen moths we were suddenly visited with this year becomes entangled in the invisible web, the spider comes bounding out with uncannily nimble quickness and pounces on the moth, wrapping it up just a tiny bit, and then dragging it off to the crevice. The web never seems to break.

The niche next to this crevice is littered with moth husks; kinda like a McDonald’s parking lot, ha ha.

I admit it. This spider has become a kind of a pet, and yes, I hunt down the annoying little #%&$*! moths, and toss them into the invisible web.

I would post a picture – I tried – but my phone takes the. crappiest. pictures. ever.

Ah, yes. . . you have in your home an Eastern Seaboard Sneaky Spider. Almost all are born female and use asexual procreation to produce eggs. The hairy legs indicate that she’s a Democrat.

They make ok pets. .

That definitely sounds like Ralph.