Help Me Identify this Cartoon

This past weekend my wife, several of our friends, and I were sitting around the pool and sunning like a bunch of lizards on a rock. The frozen concoctions had been good to all of us, and we were all a bit hazy. As you can imagine, the topics of conversation didn’t include the solution to the Mid-East crisis, chaos theory, or U.S. monetary policy. We did discuss global warming, but only to the extent of saying “Damn is it hot - I’m getting in the pool.” Perhaps that’s just the solution to global warming - give every family a swimming pool.

No, we didn’t discuss any pressing issues, but we did get into a lively debate about cartoons. How the movie version of “Underdog” being released is sure to be a sign of the coming end-times - How Foghorn Leghorn is an exact duplicate of my grandfather - Why Ultraman hasn’t been made into a movie (while not technically a cartoon, we did permit the question after the person raising the issue agreed to get anothe pitcher of drinks) - and whether Inspector Finwick from Dudley Dooright was gay (yes, he had a daughter - that’s not proof of anything).

I then asked if anyone rememberd the cartoon, set in the Old West, about the calvary troop made up of dogs and the Indian tribe being made up of gophers. Everyone looked at me like I was drunk, which I suppose I was but that was beside the point. I distinctly remember the cartoon, including a tall calvary officer in the Gary Cooper model and a short commander with nez pierce glasses. One of the gophers was a bit spastic, and communicated by saying this complete gibberish and doing a bit of a Elaine Bennis-style dance complete with kick at the end.

No one could remember the name of the show, including me. My penalty for bringing up the subject and not even knowing the name of the show was to have to sit out a round of Super Slushees.

So…does anyone else remember this show?

I’ve never seen an episode, I believe this was Go-Go Gophers, a portion of Total TV’s The Underdog Show.

You may be right - the animation was about the same quality.

I loved that show. Of course I loved all cartoons. Just Google “Go Go Gophers” and you’ll find a ton of info. It was both a short on Underdog, and its own series for one glorious season.

Yep, that’s definitely the Go-Go Gophers.

Go-Go Gophers sounds right to me. You like linky?

I believe that would be “pince nez,” the Nez Perce being an Indian tribe.

And I believe said commander was supposed to evoke Teddy Roosevelt.

Did Chief Joseph were pince nez glasses? I blame the error on the drinks.

Heh. One of the more obscure factoids of Americana…

OH NO!!!

–W A R N I N G–

The Go Go Gophers theme is now playing in my head!!! :mad: :mad: :mad:

–W A R N I N G–