Help Me Identify this Movie

When I was back in college, my roommate often left her TV on and we’d surf through channels when we felt like procrastinating.

So one day, we saw a movie that had a very James Bondish feel to it (although thinking back now, I’m not sure if it was actually a Bond film) where this lady kills an unwitting minion by inviting him to have a faceful of her chest, after which she proceedes to suffocate him between her breasts.

So what movie is this from, exactly?

Could it be this rather alarmingly cheesy movie?


No. If memory serves correctly, the lady wasn’t that great looking (kinda Russian-ish), wearing one of those janitorial-type worksuits, and she was in some sort of underground cave lair-type place.

I don’t know what movie it was, but I hope that the minion had the decency to make motorboat noises before he shuffled off this mortal coil.

I’m almost certain that it’s Modesty Blaise.

Recently seen, not a fave.

There is a scene like this in The Living Daylights, though the guy doesn’t die. While Bond is launching General Koskov through the oil pipeline a female Russian agent uses her chest to forcibly distract the worker in front of the switchboard. Once the alarms have stopped going off she indignantly slaps him for getting fresh and walks off.

There’s another scene where Bond reviews the dossier of an assassin who suffocates victims with her thighs. Perhaps you’re conflating these elements.

I suspect from your description that it was Deadly Weapons {1974}, starring the one and only Chesty Morgan {nee Doris Wishman}. Try this plot summary and see if it rings any bells: “Two racketeers involved in a blackmail scheme murder the boyfriend of Crystal Davis. But Crystal manages to follow the killers to Los Angeles where she finds employment as a stripper. One night, she sees one of the killers in the audience - a man with an eye-patch known as Captain Hook {funny name for an eye-patch, but I didn’t write this} . Crystal lures him back to her room and there, having doped her victim, suffocates him under the weight of her Himalayan poitrine.” {Tim Healey, The World’s Worst Movies}

Scratch that. Shoulda checked the links first: sorry, GuanoLad.

thinks until smoke can be seen rising from the top of her head

Yeah, it does kind of sound like Living Daylights. (Time to hit Blockbuster, perhaps.)

Thanks to everyone who helped.