Help me identify this movie

The movie has to be more than 15 years old. I 've watched only the first half hour and that was a long time ago, so some of the details are fuzzy.

The movie is about a hardnose sales-rep recently transfered to Pepsi headquarters in Australia. His job is to find geographic regions where sales are low and then try to boost them. He finds that sales are really low somewhere in the middle of the desert (doh!) and then he travels there to see why is that. The last scene I remember is of the salesman riding a Jeep in the desert. That’s where I got really bored and decided to watch the grass grow instead.

For some reason this stupid movie popped in my mind after all those years. I tried some IMDB searches but couldn’t find anything. I won’t sleep tonight if I don’t know the title!

Maybe because you’re looking for a Pepsi movie!! I think you’re talking about The Coca Cola Kid.

That was fast. Thanks! :smiley: I don’t know why Pepsi had stuck in my mind.


Greta Scacchi’s nude scene is what was stuck in my mind! :smiley:

That description reminds me of and old bad joke.(If it is from that movie then I’ll feel really stupid).

A salesman gets called in for a job interview with Pepsi. He gets told it is one of the most paying routes they have, but they are not sure what happened to the last two salesmen in the area.

The guy takes the job and goes to that place. He goes to the first village, and the people are ecstatic, they order a whole lot more Pepsi, and are sad the last salesmen never returned. he goes to the next village, and they order a bunch of Pepsi. he goes through three more villages, and they all love Pepsi and order a lot, but have no idea where the salesmen are.

Finally he goes to the last village. They order a lot of Pepsi and say how much they love it. But when he asks about the first two salesmen, they unappologetically say they are cannibles and ate them.

The salesmen asks “did you eat their heads”?. The tribe says they did. He asks “did you eat their arms and legs?”, the tribe says yes. He asks “did you eat their organs and skin?”. the tribe shruggs and says that they did.
Finally he asks “did you even eat their… um… you know…things?”

The tribal leader looks shocked and says " oh, no no no."
“Coke goes better with things!”

Crap!!! I screwed up the punchline. :smack: :smack: :smack: I’m such a maroon.

The tribal leader looks shocked and says " oh, no no no."
“Things go better with Coke!”